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Rayzoon releases Metalpak for Jamstix 2

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Rayzoon Metalpak

Rayzoon has released Metalpak, a Jamstix 2 expansion featuring a metal kit with 5 new styles and 6 new drummers.

Metalpak features

  • Modern Metal Kit Sound
    • brand-new 275MB kit using Gretsch Renown Maple drums and AA/AAX cymbals.
    • aggressive hats, tight and punchy kick plus an alternate Porkpie snare.
    • single output and multi-output kits with ready-to-go Jamstix EQ and compression settings.
    • can be used with any other Jamstix 2 style, e-drumkits or traditionally via MIDI by the host.
  • Five Metal Styles
    1. CUSTOM METAL – hand-edit the desired kick/snare pattern and leave the rest up to Jamstix.
    2. DIAL-A-METAL – morphs the groove from half-time all the way to 16th double-bass/quarter snares.
    3. NU METAL – perfect for mainstream nu-metal performances with simple groove controls.
    4. PROG METAL – this one can make a 4/4 sound like an odd (korny?) time signature!
    5. THRASH METAL – morphs the groove from half-time to double-time madness.

Metalpak has an introductory price of $39 until 31 december 2007 (normal price $49), and requires Jamstix 2.1.4 or higher.

Jamstix was recently updated to v2.1.4, check here for details.

Visit Rayzoon for more information and audio demos.

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