rekkerd free loops 09 – 20 beats

It has been a bit busy lately, but I’ve managed to put up another pack of beats.

They are more or less variations of the same thing, but with quite a different sound. Simple beats, with a touch of glitch.

Download the pack of 24-bit samples below (30.3MB)

rekkerd free loops 09 Downloads: 7815 times

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  • Gussy Rikh

    THANK YOU for all the help you give us.

  • mdk

    Thx you rocks,
    arigoto o sai kime
    merci beaucoup

    a french one

  • I have just incorporated a “nokik loop” (from an other pack) in one of my songs and thank you
    for these creative and quality samples

  • You’re all very welcome! Make sure to sign up for the mailing list on the loops page if you’d like to get a little notification when new samples are available.

  • ray

    thanks bro…

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