Autumn Music Contest – The Results

Autumn is quickly turning into winter here in the Netherlands – we just had the first snow of the season (and the accompanying traffic jams).

While I am writing this post I am listening to the tracks in the Autumn contest group at SoundCloud and I must say, I am impressed with the quality of these tunes. Perhaps having a contest theme was more inspirational than I thought. It seems everyone put in their best, great job guys!

Have a listen to the contest entries below.

Luckily I did not have to pick a winner this time around. So many quality tunes, each holding their own. This was reflected in the voting, as most of the 32 tracks submitted received a number of votes.

Here are the top three winners:

  1. Passing of the Sun – Jarkko Hietanen (16 votes, score of 51)
  2. Autumn Glades – 3ee (16 votes, score of 47)
  3. Autumnal – Saravan (10 votes, score of 37)

Congrats! Each one of you winners will receive a prize kindly provided by our sponsors u-he, Cinematique Instruments, and The Loop Loft.

The next entries in the top 10 were by Noizefield, _jackie, Rhythm In Mind, Massimo Bosco, GeorgeZ, phdsg vn chfhn, and elektronicguitars.

I hope all of the contestants had a great time, and please do join us again next time. Subscribe to the newsletter and you won’t miss it.

Thanks for the great music!

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  • There can be no winners without loosers, so naturally enough I’m disappointed. :(

    Maybe next time … ;) :)

  • Huge congratulations to all winners and I personally am just deeply honored to have gotten so many of your votes! Just thank you. Have an exciting Christmas time all!

  • phdsg

    congrats to the three winners and thanks to
    the other participants and to ronnie.

    though not having won a price , i still feel this
    was a big win…

    …and also a lotta fun.

    so, yeah, see u next contest :)

  • 3ee

    Ehh, Dan… cheer up mate! If it makes you feel better, I voted ya in my top 5 presenting words like “energic, optimistic and guitar solo”
    With so many great tracks in this competition I didn’t thought I would make it in top 3 but hoped so. There are no loosers in this competition, just somewhat lucky people with more votes than others!
    … as for me, I like to THANK everyone for your comments and votes and of course, Ronnie for having this contest!

  • NO ID

    Hey ya,as always it was lots of fun. We got use our brains,our creativity and most of all I think we came together as a small community from all over the world. Love it !!!
    Thanks Ron.

  • Congrats to all winners! The top two were in my top two votes and I never expected to be third with so many creative and well produced tracks. Great fun ! Thanks for hosting Ronnie :)

  • Lattetown

    This was a fun way to get feedback from composers and producers from so many different styles. Not sure who chose Urs Zebra 2, but hope to hear your stuff using it–it’s personally one of the 4 soft synths I use.

    Kudos! :-)

  • Congratulations guys!
    And great work from everyone who participated. It was hard to choose five…
    Thank you for organizing this Ronnie!

  • It’s great to read all the positive comments! I am planning to launch another contest early 2011.

  • Max

    Congratulations to the winners and all partecipants for the great songs provided! :)
    Glad to be in the top ten, thank you all!

    @Ronnie: another contest would be great ;)

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