Review: Native Instruments Absynth Spectral Expansion

Native Instruments‘ latest KORE SoundPack is Absynth Spectral Expansion, a collection of 200 new sounds using the Absynth sound engine.

This KORE SOUNDPACK provides 200 newly designed ABSYNTH sounds with over 1,600 sound variations, covering a wide range of instruments, styles and moods.

ABSYNTH SPECTRAL EXPANSION fully exploits the organic character of this unique synthesizer, particularly through the powerful “Wave Morphing” feature of ABSYNTH 4, and remains profoundly musical in its nature. It perfectly compliments the existing libraries, and can also be used directly within ABSYNTH 4.

The following video highlights the relationship between sound morphing in KORE 2 / KORE PLAYER and the parameters controlled by ABSYNTH’s Macro Controls.

[edit] video is no longer available [/edit]

Absynth Spectral Expansion is available as a download from the NI Online Shop for $59 USD / 49 EUR. (The sounds in this KORE SOUNDPACK are 100% compatible with the ABSYNTH 4 full version and are not contained in the ABSYNTH 4 factory library)

So what do I think?

Boy do I like these playable sounds as Native Instruments calls them. There are some excellent pads, bell sounds, great soft leads, plucked sounds, keys… Browsing the presets I was instantly inspired by many of them.
Absynth Twilights was great as well, but this new library will probably see more action in my music.

With 1,600 variations and macro controls that allow you to tweak the presets with ease, this new KORE SoundPack offers a wide range of sounds that are perhaps a little less abstract than you might expect from Absynth.

Some of the sounds reminded me of Boards of Canada and Radiohead. Just my cup of tea! Go check the audio demos at the Absynth Spectral Expansion product page and see how you like it.

More information: Native Instruments

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  • Andy

    Native Instruments may have put a lot of pretty pics and sales gimmics, but try installing their products and you will soon discover what nightmare this is. From installation to activation it is a never ending nightmare. And the worst thing is their support. If you ever need to contact them, be prepared to wait for ages because they 1) don’t ever answer the phone 2) will tell you via voicemail to go to fill massive online form 3) you will be waiting forever for someone to respond 4) when you get your response don’t expect solutions there, it will be some primitive response not offering you anything useful. A few months and hundres of e-mails later, you may get 1 useful tip and that will be from yourself with deep regret that you ever bothered ordering one of Native Instuments products. There is so much choice these days and so many good companies producing good products, so do your research and shop around before getting into NI trap!!! They will not refund you money ether (even if it never works!)

  • Hi Andy, I noticed you wrote a similar comment on my Kontakt review. Sorry to hear you had a pretty bad experience with NI.
    I use quite a few of their products and have hardly run into any problems at all, not with the installation, nor the activation through the Service Center. Are you on Windows or Mac?

    For any given product there will likely be some setups that things just don’t work properly for some reason. It understand it must be frustrating, but I don’t see why I should not use NI products. They work fine for me, and I really like my KORE, Reaktor and Kontakt.

    Have you tried the NI forums for help? There are many users there, perhaps someone might be able to help.

  • I really like NI’s synths.

    Their support is something to be desired and their forum is far behind Yamaha Synth’s but the sound inherent to most NI soft synth’s is pretty hot.

    Check out my latest song titled, “”Go Upstate (Tarikat Punk)” using NI’s FM8. Enjoy ;)


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