Review: Sample Tools by Cr2 Bass Music Megapack + Win a free copy!

Sample Tools by Cr2 Bass Music Megapack

Sample Tools by Cr2’s Bass Music Megapack bundles three of its production toolkits with a focus on heavy bass: Bass Music, Bass Music 2, and Drum + Bass.

This pack contains a massive 4.32 GB of content which contains the absolute highest quality audio, MIDI, presets, Prod-Cast video tutorials and production booklets from our acclaimed packs Bass Music, Bass Music 2 and Drum and Bass.

This pack is filled to the brim with essential Bass Music drum loops, bass loops, synth loops, punchy drum hits, FX and fills and much much more. We also include our highly popular songstarter Construction Kits enabling you to get killer ideas together fast with the minimum of fuss. All melodic parts are available as MIDI files and we also include a collection of 163 presets for Massive and Sylenth.

Each of the packs has a similar folder structure, offering a collection of loops and samples, songstarters, MIDI files and synth presets, and some tutorial materials (videos, templates, tips & tricks).

The audio files are divided in various folders of hits (bass, chords, drums, fx) and loops (bass, drums, synth, vocals), and the samples used in the songstarters are found in corresponding folders. Each drum loop has about 4 to 5 variations of the full loop, like no kick, percussion, hats, break, etc. Synth presets are also included with the songstarters so you can easily build upon the song ideas offered, or use them to create something completely else.

Most of the presets are for Native Instruments Massive, and there are also a few for other synths like FM8, Sylenth1 and Spire. Oddly enough, Sample Tools for Cr2 doesn’t list these on its website. The Drum + Bass pack doesn’t even mention anything about the presets other than the fact that presets are included, so it’s good to know this pack also includes 60 Massive presets, and a few for Z3TA, Spire, Sylenth1.

Songstarter presets are named, but the ones that correspond with the hits in wav format are simply numbered. It would’ve been nice if these were also named but it’s no big issue. It’s great to have the presets to begin with, as lots of sample packs only include the audio files.

Both the songstarters and the synth and bass loops come with MIDI files. I had to double check a few times if the MIDI data was really there, but it looks like it was taken from project files, so sometimes you won’t find anything until bar 101!

On the whole, everything is fairly well organized and filenames include relevant info like bpm and key.

The DAW templates and tutorial videos are quite interesting as well, covering some sound design (mostly with Massive) and production techniques. Logic Pro was used in the videos, but even if you don’t use Logic there could be something useful to learn.

Check out the demos below to get an idea of the sounds included.

So what do I think

I’ve already reviewed the Bass Music 2 pack earlier, and I think the other two packs have a similar quality to them.

The audio hits and loops sound great, and the songstarters are well produced and very catchy. It’s nice to have MIDI files included so you can work out your own ideas and use other sounds.

The presets are really well designed and fit the genre of bass music perfectly. With about 200 presets, 275 MIDI files, and some 1,500 wav files, it’s kind of ridiculous how much content you get for the asking price of £15.99 GBP, which is basically the same price as the individual packs!

So if you’re into underground house, garage, drum & bass, or other bass music, you should definitely check out this bundle pack.

Bass Music Megapack Giveaway

Sample Tools by Cr2 is generously offering readers a chance to win a copy of the pack. All you need to do is leave a comment below before March 27th, 11:59pm CET, and we’ll pick a random winner from all entries.

Good luck!

More information: Sample Tools by Cr2 / Bass Music Megapack

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  • svrc


  • Sounds like a nice package.

  • Crystal Craft

    Every now and then I experiment with these styles too. Sounds nice!

  • mistrust

    Sounds just the thing I need for my dub tunes…

  • Thanks for the helpful review. The sounds are great… would love to incorporate some into my own tracks!

  • DjCillo

    Amazing sample pack!

  • Sasha

    unusual sounds(!)

  • Lucaluca

    Would love some of those sounds.

  • And the winner is… mistrust!
    Congrats, you’ll get an email soon.
    Thanks to all for playing.

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