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Rock Hardburns releases Dulcimator 2

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Rock Hardburns Dulcimator 2

Rock Hardburns has released Dulcimator 2, a free hammered dulcimer emulation for Windows.

It’s a delay line type synth that has been specifically structured to emulate the hammered dulcimer, but it does OK with few other simpler string instruments. It’s based around a buffer that is seeded with an impulse, and then filtered once every period.

Dulcimator 2 features

  • Buffer input waveforms RND (noise), SQR and SAW.
  • Prefilter of buffer, can be mapped to velocity.
  • Damp for cut off frequency of the playback filter, damping factor can be adjusted based on the note pitch (Key).
  • 3 peak/notch filters: 100Hz, 200Hz and 300Hz, useful for simulating body resonance.
  • Detune for increasing the distance between two auxiliary playback pointers. This simulates having three strings instead of one, which is important for that sparkly dulcimer sound.
  • Envelope, chorus and volume controls.

Dulcimator 2 is available to download as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

More information: Rock Hardburns / Dulcimator 2

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  • Jesse

    I would love to use this – but I’m on a Mac! Is there any Mac alternative for a free dulcimer VST? Is it possible to port it over to the Mac?


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