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Ronald Passion releases FV-70 Guitar Preamp

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Ronald Passion has released FV-70, a freeware guitar preamp effect for Windows.

FV-70 Guitar Preamp v.1 is VST Rock Guitar Preamp.
It’s Fat Clean, Crunch to Blues!!!

Ronald Passion FV-70 Guitar Preamp
Ronald Passion FV-70 Guitar Preamp

FV-70 Guitar Preamp features

  • LOW, MIDDLE and HIGH: 0 to 10 levels, they can be set as POST EQ.
  • GAIN range: 0 to 10 levels. Dry to Wet.
  • POWER range: 0 to 10 levels. Full -> more Tube Power Amp levels and punch characters.
  • MASTER range: 0 to 10 as level out of the preamp/master output.

FV-70 Guitar Preamp is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Download it below (2.4 MB)

Ronald Passion FV-70 Downloads: 11550 times

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