Ronald Passion updates Bass Preamp


Ronald Passion has released an updated version of Bass Preamp, a freeware analog tube bass preamp VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Ronald Passion Bass Preamp

Changes in Bass Preamp

  • Added tube selection.
  • Added tone character.
  • New tone stack concept.
  • Made X-TRA more subtle.
  • VU meter removed to reduce plug-in size.

The updated version of Bass Preamp is available for download below (2.7 MB).

Bass Preamp Downloads: 30094 times

More freeware VST effects for Windows by Ronald Passion can be found here.

  • Markus

    Hi, love the sound of your pre-amp, but it crashes my DAW (Reaper) as soon, as I disable it.
    Not sure if this is due to the preamp or to Reaper …Thanks anyway for your work!

  • egasimus

    MARKUS, exactly the same thing happens to me. I’ve posted a comment on the author’s blog, see if he’ll answer there.

  • This plugin crashes my FL Studio on all my machines. Could you please fix this? :(