Ronald Passion

Ronald Passion has created freeware effect plug-ins for Windows PC. The plug-ins are done in SynthMaker and include some custom code.

Guitar Preamps

Ronald Passion X-1000, SS500 and M-900

Ronald Passion X-1000, SS500, M-900 and FV-70 are three freeware guitar preamp VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

Ronald writes:

“After a thousand reading, a thousand try and error, a thousand emotions, a thousand seconds in front of computer and “This is it” -> My 8 months dream, Guitar Preamp!”

Ronald, for the love of the sounds

Guitar preamp effects

  • X-1000 — Hot Valve Modern Distortion.
  • SS500 — Fat Solid State Modern Distortion.
  • M-900 — Brit Distortion.
  • FV-70 — Fat Clean, Crunch to Blues.

Ronald Passion X-1000 Downloads: 20951 times

Ronald Passion SS500 Downloads: 16516 times

Ronald Passion M-900 Downloads: 13651 times

Ronald Passion FV-70 Downloads: 14590 times

Bass Preamp

Ronald Passion Bass Preamp

Bass Preamp is an analog tube bass preamp effect plug-in.

  • Active Switch (On/Off).
  • Cab Switch (On/Off).
  • X-tra Lo/X-tra Hi for additional body.
  • Drive in preamp input section.
  • Bass/Mid/Hi tone controllers.
  • Mid frequency selection knob.
  • Master output.

Update 16-apr-2009: various changes, same download link.

Bass Preamp Downloads: 33573 times

Silver & White Magnum

Ronald Passion Silver Magnum
Ronald Passion White Magnum

Silver & White Magnum are two analog valve custom parametric equalizer effects.

  • Silver: G/F/V/B selects Guitar, Full, Vox and Bass parametric frequency scheme.
  • White: HP -> 20, 30, 40, 60 & 80 Hz. LP -> 20, 12, 10 & 8 KHz.
  • Q: 0 db/-3 db.
  • Lowpass and Highpass filtering.
  • Re Energize button (boost).
  • Tube style Compressor.
  • Noise floor is -100 db.

Update 01-apr-2009: both plug-ins were updated to fix a problem with saving presets.

Silver Magnum Downloads: 11922 times

White Magnum Downloads: 10086 times

Bad Vox

Ronald Passion Bad Vox

Bad Vox is a simple tube equalizer effect for vocals.

  • Frequency bands based on Manley Hardware Vox Box (only the EQ): 150Hz, 1.5kHz, 6.4kHz.
  • Q: -3 db.
  • Lowpass, Highpass and Notch filtering.

Bad Vox Downloads: 12329 times

Master EQ

Ronald Passion Master EQ

Master EQ is a tube equalizer for mastering (update to Massive Passive EQ).

  • Frequency bands based on Manley Hardware Equalizer (Massive Passive Stereo EQ): 150Hz, 560Hz, 1.5kHz, 3.9kHz.
  • Q: -3 db/-6 db.
  • Noise floor: -85 db.
  • Red LED meter for monitoring peaks.
  • Lowpass & Highpass filtering.

Update 04-apr-2009: plug-in was updated to fix a problem with saving presets.

Master EQ Downloads: 13707 times

Massive Passive EQ

Ronald Passion Massive Passive EQ v1.0

Massive Passive EQ is a freeware mastering equalizer effect for Windows.

Massive Passive EQ features

  • Signal flow: IN + LP & HP + R1 (peaking & shelving) + R2 + R3 + R4 + OUT.
  • Q is -3 db point and -6 db point.
  • All frequencies based on Manley Hardware Equalizer (Massive Passive Stereo EQ).
  • Red Led Meter (in & out).

Massive Passive EQ v1.2 Downloads: 12531 times

Blue Channel

Ronald Passion Blue Channel

Blue Channel is a digital tube channel VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Blue Channel v1.0 features

  • Compressor: Highpass + Lowpass filter, In/Out, Drive, Threshold, Attack & Release, Ratio, On/Off switch.
  • Equalizer: Low shelf, Mid Bass, Mid High, High shelf, Master output, On/Off switch.
  • Valve Tube Style control.
  • 10 presets.

Blue Channel Downloads: 10268 times

Digital Parametric Equalizer

Ronald Passion Digital Parametric Equalizer

Digital Parametric Equalizer is a digital equalizer effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Digital Parametric Equalizer v1.0 features

  • Highpass & Lowpass filter + 6 bands (-/+ 24 range for each).
  • 4 settings for the bands:
    1. Standard: 100Hz, 360Hz, 720Hz, 1.5KHz, 5KHz, 10KHz.
    2. Bass: 60Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 500Hz, 800Hz, 1.5KHz.
    3. Vox: 240Hz, 380Hz, 800Hz, 1.2KHz, 2.5KHz, 5KHz.
    4. Guitar: 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz.
  • Main output and on/off controls.

Update 05-mar-2009: New version has additional frequency settings (same download link below).

Digital Parametric Equalizer v1.2 Downloads: 9846 times

Equalizer Passion

Ronald Passion Equalizer Passion

Equalizer Passion is a virtual analog equalizer effect.

Equalizer Passion v1.0 features

  • Freq, Gain and Q for Bass, Mid Bass, Mid High and High frequency ranges.
  • In- and output volume controls.
  • Press Knob (“0” for natural “1” for pressing signal).
  • On/Off switch.

Equalizer Passion Downloads: 8632 times

Crunch Passion

Ronald Passion Crunch Passion

Crunch Passion is a dual guitar preamp (Clean & Crunch).

Crunch Passion v1.1 features

  • Clean section: clean tube style model.
  • Drive section: crunch drive (not modeled after a specific model but it sound like a Laney). Drive section input depends on clean section.
  • Shape: controls the tone, from dull to sharp.
  • Bass–Mid–Hi: 10dB range per band (i.e. Bass -5dB to 0 to 5dB).
  • Volume: control volume of signal.

Crunch Passion Downloads: 10213 times

Slap Passion

Ronald Passion Slap Passion

Slap Passion is a tube bass preamp.

Slap Passion v1.1 features

  • Input section: clean tube style bass model.
  • Bass–Mid–Hi: 12dB range per band. (i.e. Bass -6dB to 0 to 6dB).
  • Freq: Mid Freq selection — 175Hz – 350Hz – 525Hz – 700Hz – 875Hz – 1050Hz.
  • Volume: control volume of signal.

Slap Passion Downloads: 13527 times

Accusonus Regroover Pro
  • Ronald

    It would be love if U give some critics!

    Have nice Try

    Big Thanx :)

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  • Ascerbic

    my review:

    1st, on loading the plugins, it’s bad idea to have the default to “off.” if i’m loading a plugin, i expect it to be “on” so don’t make me work by installing an unnecessary step. actually why even have an on/off switch, i control that in my sequencer fx settings anyway.

    2 – guitar amp – the clean channel is pretty useless, pretty much a volume control. and the disparity in volume between the clean and distortion channels is just too much.

    upon loading the plugin, it reminded me of the studiodevil guitar plugin, which is a great compliment since that is THE best guitar plugin of them all. but once i turn up the levels to higher distortion, it falls flat. the distortion is muddy, fuzzy, it kind of reminds me a little bit of the tone of a peavey XXX amp(but not the extreme distortion levels), and that’s no compliment. but then again, there’s some people who like that type of tone, although at much higher distortion levels.

    another thing i don’t like is the controls don’t do very much. it reminds me of my marshall TSL, spin the knobs from min to max and not much happens except a little volume change.

    overall, there’s lots of potential. but you either need to clean up the distortion if you’re going to keep it a “crunch” amp, or just turn the distortion loose by raising the levels and go for a peavey clone heavy metal tone.

    3 – bass amp – didn’t like it, seems to be essentially a volume control. you need to put in some kind of character into it.

  • Nekro

    I look forward to trying these out Ronald, i think its a good idea to leave the cab emulations out of it as i always bypass them and go for an IR cab suitable. I will give you some feedback when i have had a chance to try both of them out (i am up to my eyes with work at the moment). Thanks for the plug-ins


  • Ronald

    ASCERBIC -> big thanx bro…
    The reason “OFF” -> i am beginner and also it prevent any damage, eventhough in my system is just ok!

    For the distortion -> yeah, i have to learn a lot. Since i just learn since december, that is the best i can do. But yeah, Love The Crispy Critic LoL….

    And also i love some thing that it could be from clean to crunch to distortion with one single knob… i love this behaviour! in full drive i would like to make more distortion with this kind of tone…. Close to half could be crunch, little change from zero -> dirty clean…

    For bass -> yes you are right!
    The EQ things is still digital approach, right trully i am looking for analog approach.. How actually Filter work in real Amp! Still beta, will be available soon.

    Nekro –> yeah, plis try!

    Critic, Advice and any thing would be love…
    I built this plugin is base on my experience as guitarist and mixing engineer my city…

    I love music, thats all… Never say stop to learn

    big thanx 4 U :)

  • Ronald

    Next project/come out -> Equalizer Passion v.1.
    And Equalizer that doesnt strange your signal. It differents from usual Digital Parametric Eq.

    Big Thanx :)

  • Ronald

    EQUALIZER PASSION V.1 is come out!
    Just wait from ronnie to upload in here.

    Next: SLAP PASSION V.2 with new concept and CAB

    Big Thanx :)

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  • Ronald

    And Also next:

    It is gonna be beauty for your critics and comments.

    Big Thanx :)

  • Ronald

    New one:
    Digital Parametric Equalizer v.1

    Big Thanx :)

  • Page updated with Digital Parametric Equalizer. Thanks for your work Ronald!

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  • Ronald

    Big thanx ronnie, you are welcome!

    By the way i design Digital Parametric Equalizer v.1 for every beginner mixing engineer that just start mixing. The fix freq help their work

    Best Regard, Ronald!

  • Ronald

    How people may grove their work without CRITICS?

    Trully stand alone one man show

    Best Regards, Ronald!

  • Ronald

    If there is a demand that wish Channel plugin (digital and analog), i am gonna releases them…

    There are 3 plugin waiting list in my laptop to be relase…

    Big Thanx, ronald :)

  • Hey, I’m trying these out but I just wanted to thank you for the free plugins! I’d love to see what else you have as well.

  • Ronald

    More Freq Scheme…
    Just wait from ronnie!

    New: BLUE CHANNEL v.1
    Enjoy the preset too

    Best Regards, ronald!

  • Captain Blunt

    Thanks for the updates Ronald! I’m looking forward
    to checking whatever new plugs you’re offering.

    Blue channel sounds interesting!? Keep up the great work man!

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  • Ronald

    Thanx for the time, have a throw critic coment and suggestion on me….
    Would be plis!

    I am stuck if there is no one critic!

    Hello captain:
    Yeah, great work… lots plugin to be release, but my eyes… oughhh…

    iT WOULd be love if theres is a critic!

    Best Regards, ronaldpassion!

  • ..cut and past from myself from kvr… :-P

    Ronald…tried even the blue channel….i like really really much the compressor behaviour at certain settings…it has,like equalizer passion, a unique sound that is quite different from all other compressors i have…kind of “punchiness” that is perfect for drums…on the other hand it can act even as a “soft” compressor with other settings becoming really smooth….really really tweakable!!!like also the valve saturation action( a part its control could be a little more gradual i feel that the knobs act much in the first quarter of rotation and a little on the rest of the run….)…what i don’t like is the fact that hi pass and lo pass filter cut even when at minimum possible value…and on the other hand they are on the compressor not on the eq so if i would bypass them i have to bypass even the comp…the eq of the blue channel are quite different from equalizer passion (that i really like!!…my preferred…)…but even on this eq i think there is some saturation going on appears only when gain of a band is different from zero,even without the valve knob “engaged”…am i right? Smile ….a part from this i think your plugs could really have some benefits from oversampling…2X could be sufficient…

    i really like even the blue channel and would be really a good thing a compressor only plugin from you…you have talent man!!!…so spit out a coooooomp!!!

  • Ronald

    New One

    just wait from ronnie

    Best Regards, ronaldpassion!

  • odod

    nald, mending di fokusin aja dulu sama ampli gitar lo .. sampe hari ini gue gak bisa munculin karakter distorsi amp lo di pc gue :(

    kalo bisa bikin sampe kayak TH1 tuh ampli nya .. mantapss
    or atleast kayak studio devil ….

  • Ronald

    Hi ODOD (my bro)…

    Thanx for the input, after all my EQ Tools i will go back to AMP

    Right now i am still doing the BASS AMP, dont worry… it would be free, because less Bass Preamp available….

    Thanx for the support buddy…. i got flue rite now…

    Best Regards, ronaldpassion!

  • Ronald

    Slap Passion v.2 -> soon to be release to the world between this week!


  • Cheddar man

    I hope this version has more controls for getting deeper bass. I also hope it actually has a gain/boost section to get enough boost in the signal.

    Slap passion 1, was basically a simple eq with very limited sound shaping abilities. Think IK Multimedia’s, Ampeg plug-in for your next version?

    Massive Eq is pretty good. However… the preset Q function is not very useful. There is barely a noticeable difference when engaging it.

    It makes more sense to make it user adjustable.

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  • Ronald

    4 plugins releases
    Just wait from ronnie!

    Cheddar man:
    Thanx for the input, yeah… hopefully the Amp simp do MORE!

    If wants contribute to AMP BACK GROUND/skin
    It would be help much

    Best Regards, ronaldpassion!

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  • Cheddar man

    These are some cool plugs. The bad vox is great on vocals. I didn’t see anything but a blank gui for the master eq in: FL STUDIO 8.

    The magnum eq’s, seem to be buggy in FL. I didn’t try them in my other daws yet. I was experiencing weird artifacts and latency with the magnum plugins. The cpu meter in FL didn’t show any spikes however, when the problems occurred.

    Another thing is… I couldn’t really tell if the compressor was doing anything when adjusting the controls?

  • Cheddar man

    The magnum eq’s sound pretty good. I tracked the latency and bug-ish, behavior to the GUI’s.

    When the eq’s are not open or showing… the problem goes away. When they’re opened, the audio lags and latency is introduced. This happens in FL Studio 8. I can’t say if it occurs in other Daws. BTW: Ignore the compressor comments.

  • Joe Sa Sa

    Gracias pero, solo tratamos los dispositivos que tenga toda su informacion en el idioma español, no solo en ingles o aleman. Poco a poco estamos descartando todos aquellos productos que no reunan estas caracteristicas, quedando a promocionales y analisis en sus diferentes foros del ambiente de la creacion musical de diversos foros y redes de la que estamos o somos parte de …

  • Ronald

    so the problem in the GUI?
    not the sound rite?

    i will check again…
    in my system no prob!

    Big Thanx

  • Cheddar man

    No problem in the sound. The problem is only when the Eq is showing. If I make adjustments to the eq then close the GUI, it acts normal.

    If the eq is open and I’m playing live, the audio sort of breaks up or lags sporadically. Maybe it’s the audio meters?

    BTW: Why doesn’t the master eq show any controls? Do you have to click on your name in the GUI to open a panel or something?

  • ronald



    master eq, in the first time open you have to click my email then u go to all controls, the controls divide into left and right, enjoy!
    see manual also

    best regards, ronaldpassion!

  • ronald

    whats is your system spec??
    my penitum 4 ram 256 is just fine with cubase lite and wavelab lite is just ok…
    i dont know why with u guys got prob

    soon 1 more day update, Thx ronaldpasssion!

  • cheddar man

    Thanks for the response. I stated this was happening in FL STUDIO 8 and that I hadn’t tried it in any other DAW.

    Your other eq’s work just fine so I’ll just use them.
    I have a 2Ghz system with 1GB of ram so that’s not an issue. Some plugins just have problems in certain host.

    Keep up the generous work you offer…

  • ucok munthe

    karakter gitar lo mentah2 mirip banget ma studio devil, mirip banget hampir kagak ade beda nald…

  • ucok munthe

    tapi aku yakin lo bisa di atas studio devil..
    keep work hard..

  • Master EQ and Bad Vox have been updated (20 March). Download links are the same.

  • ronald

    Ucok munthe:
    Thanx alot man for trying and giving significant comments!

    Bad Vox picture is not update in here!

    Best Regards, ronaldpassion!

  • Ronald

    People comments at other forum (truly surprising me):
    “I think your WHITE MAGNUM is doing more than an EQ :
    EQing, analog colouring ( phase shift ) and a nice saturation.
    It’s like the old days when we have analog produktion:
    Mic-Amp , Tape, Analog-Mixing . . . . .
    I’ve tried many chains of many plugs ( in many years ) to get the old
    Now, the most things I can nearly do with ONE PlugIn : White Magnum !

    Goodbye to cold clean digital sound, welcome to making music ! ”

    “i really like the sound of your plugs.
    very analog sounding,,,everybody should check out !

    i will really use the mastering eq for mastering.
    it gives me a pleasant sound.

    by the way i use much more reputated mastering eq’s til now. ”

    They throw available $ plugin for these all free plugs…. Unbelievalbe

    Btw any update will take long time, my laptop crash, all my codes there, only several codes save into flash disk.

    BEst regards, ronaldpassion!

  • Cheddar man

    I agree with the comments. I’ve been testing your plugs against commercial ones… and ones that are native to certain Daws, and find they usually sound just as good or even better. Your plugs do offer that analog coloring as a bonus!

    Maybe you can do data recovery on the HDD?
    Sorry to hear about the crash and possible loss of codes. People must be vigilant about backing up their files into several types on media.

    Good luck with your future plans.

  • Ronald

    2 Last Plugin to go before GONE!

    Still 80%

    Best Regards, ronaldpassion!

  • Ronald


    Note: Seems that the plugin start to spread to all the world (japan, french, germany etc)…


    Best Regards, ronaldpassion!


    OH….ampli gtr nya udah mirip2 sama STUDIO DEVIL ?
    hwadoh…ogut ketinggalan kereta neh.jgn2 sy pake yg vs lama ya. studio devil favo…klo RONALD bisa nyaingin SD bakal ada 3 pilihan neh.amplitube fender, S DEVIL dan Crunch Passion.

    free tp kelas….kerren.


  • Ronald

    Oh no, not close to studio devil.
    The crunch passion still nothing!
    I knew that, i am still work with my new amp sim, still need more time, got lot of job!

    Be passion…

    I check my storage account, some one hijack my account by download slap passion till 4000, the FX ronnie cant download my update!
    Maybe aprill will be usual again
    Damn, i dont have any mistake. I give u free, but still bad boy huh?!

    Best Regards, ronaldpassion!

  • chell

    Hi Ron in the white Magnum the buttons “LS an P”
    won’t save, can you please fix it it is anoying…
    By the way you are a genius your plugins are simply wonderfull. it would be great if you could tell us more on the technology behind them.

  • chell

    Ron, same for the silver magnum the buttons won’t save. Yes I am testing your last update April 1st
    and I completly removed my old versions. Thanks

  • chell

    Hi Ron the Massive Passive EQ seems to have the same preset saving issue. Thanks

  • chell

    Hi Ron, Same saving issue for the passion param. eq. Thanks

  • Ronald

    Hi chell, thanx for the messages!

    I have lot of job, need more times!
    rite now 24 hours not enough for me….

    Be patient!

    MASTER EQ v.1 is update, no issue about saving presets!

    VERY PLIS HAVE A COMMENTS to improve it better!

    BEst regards, ronaldpassion!

  • RunBeerRun

    The new bass preamp link goes to a 404, maybe a misspell or a capitalized letter?

  • Thanks RunBeerRun, my bad. Link is fixed!

  • RunBeerRun

    Excellent! By far the best freeware bass plug(excluding my own).

    My requirements that were fullfilled-

    1.lot of low end, it’s a bass, not a midrange guitar

    2.preamp qualities, I play dynamically with my fingers

  • beta tester

    hey Ronald, many thanks for your awsome freebies

    can I please ask you to fix presets saving for all the plugins if possible? I know you’re busy man


  • Ronald

    Run beer run, you are the best man!
    Keep watching on me…

    Soon i will release the update version, i am still in try and error to get all bass sound (if possible)…
    And of course the size slimmer..

    Beta Tester: i will do it for sure! gimme more times…

    Run beer run: i am still looking like james miller playing slaping, the slap sound is nice too. the slap sound is small but notice able…

    or it because the BASS GUITAR (equip)??

    1 more vst to go…

    Best Regards, ronaldpassion!

  • Ronald

    Any significant critic and input?


  • Cheddar Man

    These are the comments I posted previously….

    This sounds great! Far more usable than slap passion. It even sounds good with guitar and drums as well.

    The cab is definitely usable. A few more choices would be a nice addition.

    Possible improvements: A graphic eq[in addition to the included tone controls] for additional tone possibilities. A higher gain stage would fit more types of passive basses. And maybe a compressor? Although, not essential.

    Great work Ron!

  • chell

    Hi Ron, My humble review for the Bass Amp plugins.
    I must say that it sound real good, but it consumes lot of CPU. another thing is that it is a mono plugin, I know that the output of a real bass guitar is in mono but I oftenly use unprocess bass samples. with the plug in cubase only the left chanel is process and it sounds weird, I have to put a mono converter plugin after the bass amp.

    Thaks Ron I look foward for your next plugin. I hope it will be a super mega mastering plugin.

  • MPeter

    Thank you! The Bass preamp is very good.

  • Ronald

    Cheddarman: is it good in guitar and drum???
    How it sounds, i havent try yet,,,,

    Convo in synthmaker like a deathway, actually convo pretty much simple… i almost didnt want to put cab in preamp, but its like eating without drinking…. rite? hehe

    i am also wish could make digital cabinet, less reading make hard to make it….
    If anyone has DSP reading, it would love to let me know…

    you think MORE GAIN STAGE??
    Ok, i will doit

    The next update will be DOUBLE FEATURES, more preamp choice…

    Thanx for support and input CHell, i wish i could make the super mega mastering…
    But still fail… only master eq work great!

    MPmeter-> any input???

    Thanx, ronaldpassion!

  • chell

    Hi Ron,
    my favorite plug is the blue chanel. I have tried hundreads of eq/comp vst s(not exagering) commecial and non-commercial but none of them approach the sound quality and shaping of the blue channel, it’s like magic . I’m using it in the master bus, it gives me the professional cd quality sound… amazing. My dream is coming true . if only you could update it with more features(maybe more bands for more accurate control)

    Thank you Ron.

  • Cheddar Man

    Yes Ron, It sounds good with guitar and drums IMO. Your plugs seem good for various applications other than just the ones you have determined for them.

    I like to use them for different tonal colors as well as achieving a lo-fi flavor. They’re particularly versatile and can wear many hats.

    As for more gain in B.P: It’s really not necessary. I just feel it gives more options for the plug to be used in various ways.

    You should consider making a plugin called TONE-BOX. The premise would be based on tonal coloring rather than typical EQ applications. Such as: Am & Fm radio sound, ceramic and magnetic turntable cartridge sound, Akai MPC 60 and EMU- SP1200 sampler emulation, TV sound, Miked sound emulation, etc… This is nothing more than a suggestion for a possible future project. It’s not a request or anything.

    Awesome job man!

  • Ronald

    Hi, wow nice comments…

    For Tube EQ ing, i am satisfy enough with bad vox and master eq. Trully i can the HOT TUBES inside…

    For un-conventional sounding, i am satisfy enough with silver and white magnum (the continues version of Eq passion)…
    Maybe i will add 1 more features and fix the saving preset and maybe redesign the design to make it Perfect enough to go…

    Actually my passion is Bass and Guitar Amp!
    I think thats the last project of mine. And of course some little judgement with already release plugin like compressor….

    Maybe i will take consider with Chell input…

    And also everyday looking at monitor starting crazy, not just coding and designing, but got job in recording too…. playing game and watching TV… oh gods! hehehhe…

    Maybe i should write a song SUPER EYES!

    Best regards, ronaldpassion!

  • Rik

    your massive passive sounds great. The only problem is that whilst you can preview your changes in Adobe Audition 3, you can’t render them.. After rendering, no changes are implemented. It’s a pity, Actually a high class product…and I own some of the most expensive mastering EQ software available…

    Rik (RDMS Mastering)

  • Ronald

    Bass Preamp v.1 Update:

    Remove VU For Slimmer Size, Tube Selection Added, Tone Character Added,
    Subtle the X-TRA and The New Concept of Tone Stack.

    Just Wait From Ronnie….

    After try and error and imagine the filter parts, I just wanna say: its twice better! Even i only read very less literature regarding DSP.

    RIK thanks for reply…
    RIght now i am focusing my trully passion plugin Bass Preamp and Guitar Preamp (still progress)…
    But if any donate i will take a look back seriously, my eyes become blur…

    I am one man show…
    Best Regards, ronaldpassion!

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  • Ronald

    Any input guyz?
    Regarding bass preamp

    Thanx, ronaldpassion

  • I LOVE the sound of Massive Passive, but my settings are never saved with my projects. Is this the same bug that was in the other plug-ins? Is there any possibility for an update?

  • Markus

    Hi Ron,

    I really love the sound of your bass preamp, but it crashes my DAW when disabled (Reaper).

  • Hi Ronald,
    I have same problem with Reaper. When i change bass preamp settings, sound stops in that track. Then if try to delete it, reaper goes crazy

    Hope you can fix it soon, i love this plug in

    Thank you for your great job

  • HEY!
    i love these plug-ins !!!
    especially the massive passive….

    but please please please solve the

    i`ll get ill by starting from zero every time…

    thank`s a lot, great job,,,,


  • Ronald

    Hi, sorry for never reply…

    I am not in developing anymore!
    But bass preamp (sometimes) is my concern to improve…

    Hope i will back soon…

    Hope god save me (my prob)

    Thanx LoL :)

  • Ronald

    Hi, sorry for long reply…

    I am not in continuing the plugin anymore…

    Thanx for the reply and the appreciation, i love that…

    If anyone had good literature regarding preamp, maybe i will think about go back again….

    Good luck to you bro

    Ronaldpassion :)

  • Jacaré

    Hey Ronald
    Hope everything is ok with you man. Just want to share my satisfaction with your products. Thank you for those and I HOPE you come back to give us some more good stuff like these ones.

  • beta tester

    Ronald, man,

    before you go just please let us have the preset save fix, without it your great plugins are pretty much useless

    one last effort before the departure

  • Ronald

    I promise U between 2 weeks, i put respect to the one respect on me…
    Hope my laptop is just fine!

    Btw i am busy with my new studio(for rent)…

    Just List which one that need to add saving preset….

    Ok thanx bro

  • You`re a decent Man!
    Guess You have Your reasons to quit….
    If possible, please solve the savings on
    Massive Passive. You would heal my wounds
    and maybe the World a little bit…

    Thanks a lot, Butsch

  • beta tester

    for me on Digital Parametric Equalizer please

    although it would be great if you could do it for all of them
    you know, everyone who uses your creations got their own preferences

    thanks a lot

  • Ronald

    Massive Passive (v) -> already!
    Digital Parametric Eq –> hopefully i still have the source file…

    I will post once for all…
    Just check around a week more


  • beta tester

    great Ron, looking forward

  • ronald

    DPE and MPE update

    Pray me to finish my new guitar preamp and digi cab
    Thanx :)

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  • beta tester

    thanks a heap Ron for the update
    was worth waiting for, i can continue using the EQ in mah project

    and yeah, hit us with some nu excellent stuff

  • Ronald

    Hi Beta,
    Show me the final product of ur music yo???
    Really wanna hear

    How excellent 2 u the vst?

    wish Blue channell to update too??

    Thanx :)

  • beta tester

    Blue Channel why not, would be great as well

    gotta too little time to work on the project (one joint actually)
    i use DPE on just a single sample there, so its effect may not be all that apparent
    but once I have it at least half decent u’ll have a listen, imma make sure i don’t forget


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  • Ronald

    Hi, this is would be our last meet.
    Intorduce my new and last works:
    – MAPEX BLACK PANTHER, snare sampling .gog and .wav
    – X-1000 Guitar Preamp v.1 (Hot Valve Modern Distortion) with presets
    – SS500 Guitar Preamp v.1 (Fat Solid State Modern Distortion) with presets
    – M-900 Guitar Preamp v.1 (Brit Distortion)

    Thanx for all the time, bye! :)

  • ronald

    Wait from ronnie to upload them!

  • ronald

    Hope U happy guyz!

    Thanx :)

  • Ronald

    Hope u enjoy

    Thanx :)

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  • ronald

    No input/comment…


    Thanx :)

  • Cheddar Man

    I tried one of your plugs and will check the rest soon. I can’t remember which one I tried, but- I recall it had good sound.

    I do recall the EQ being limited in actually changing the tone. A number of guitar plugs seem to suffer from this.

    Will let you know what I think after I test them all.


  • Ronald



    F – U – C – K for ALL VIRUS DEVELOPER!!!

    I AM DONE!

    THANX FOR RONNIE (mod edit against spam) AT REKKERD.ORG







    For the next my vst will be there.

    Inspiring so much with GT2 and TRIAC

    Best regard, ronaldpassion!

  • hendra

    ass.. bos,,

    q mo nanya, cara install nya gimana ya,, bingung q mikirnya, kok formatnya dll smua,,
    tolong dibantu ya,,

    terima kasih……

  • ronald

    Woiiii hendra:

    copy paste aja ke (contoh):

    C:\Program Files\Steinberg\vstplugin\

    OK bos?
    Kasih masukan yah…

    THanx, ronaldpassion!

  • hendra

    maaf bos,, nanya lagi,,
    itu foldernya bikin lagi ya, di program file ko fa ada folder “steinberg/vstplugin”,,

    trus apa aja yang aku butuhin lagi buat ngjalanin gitar’q d’PC,,
    jelasin secara rinci deh,, ma’lum bos baru blajar,,

    terimakasih bos RONALD….

  • hendra

    uda aq bkin folder sendiri dan aq extrak ke situ, trus ngjalanin app’y gmn,,?

  • ronaldpassion

    Yah ngejalaninnya pake Cubase lah…
    Itu bukan stand alone aplication


  • ronaldpassion

    Lo harus instal program CUBASE SX 3 (contohnya)
    atow cubase vst ato reaper ato cubase LE 3 atow 4 ato 5…

    barus bisa d pake ini VST DLL nya

    Salam :)

  • hello

    Enjoying your Bad Vox plugin very much, Ronald. I’m finding it to be quite suitable for general mixing and am loving the notched frequency concept. Sound-wise, it’s as least as analogue as Nomad Factory’s Blue Tubes (imho), but without the undefined low end and upper-mid register distortion when pushed. The graphic is also very easy on the eyes.

    Nice work and thank you for this versatile eq!

  • Ronaldpassion

    Thanx hello, i discontinued mixing things. I am focusing gtr or bass sounding.

    RevolutionZ LE v.1.0 Guitar Head Amp, s0on 2 be release at

    Tq, r0nald passion

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  • opik

    good job bro..smangat trus y bang…gw request bwt bikin ampsimnya ampli pevey 5150 donx…hehehee…salut\m/

  • ronaldpassion

    opik, d post d web gw aja.
    gw update nya d sana sekarang


  • Mick

    Do any of these work on Midi files
    Im looking for a guitar amp to use on a midi file like ezDrummer does, if you know what i meam

  • La Griff

    Hello! You do great job! A real passion like the name of your vst! I use the old version of massive passive but i just see that you fix for presets :) i cant wait to try your amps…im sure its a very good amp modulator. (im from quebec my english is bad a bit) Later i will send you a composition made with your vst and you will be able to post this composition here if you like it. …i go to my studio try your amps! thanks for all!

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  • nickbase

    thx to the massive 1.2. sounds great but crashes with a 24bit file in wavelab every time. only for your info.

  • joesun

    yeah this vst must be free full version

  • gianfranco

    Thank you so much for this work man! Waiting another vst guitar amp… ;-)

  • Kevin J

    Oh, my good man, many thanks for the Passion Equalizer. Best VST equalizer I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.



  • Samy Cisternas

    First of all I thank you for sharing this work.
    I need to know which bit is the amount of these plugins working.

    Since there are truncations of the low resolution bit if you were working with fewer bits per sample audio track with a 32-bit floating point, get one of these plugins would mean I would have to place a dithering to go down to 24 bits, in the event that these 24-bit plugins work, thanks! I expect a response, hugs.

  • david

    the great

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

    thank you so much :)

  • Pepe Whereverr

    This is really nice, thanks a lot brother

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