Sample Remix Contest: Win Prime Loops samples

Prime Loops

Anyone up for another sample remix contest? This time we have an exclusive competition in association with Prime Loops.

Prime Loops has provided a sample remix pack including various samples from their recent releases. Unlike last time, you’ll only get a few samples to play with. And because you get less to work with, I’ve decided you can also use whatever else you want to create your entry so you can really do your own thing here.

You have until October 31st, 2008 (11.59pm, your local time) to create a song for this contest.

Sample remix contest rules

  • Create a track using at least one of the samples supplied in the remix pack. You can remix/process the sample(s) any way you want. The entry should be under 5 minutes and be submitted as an mp3 (192kbit minimum).
  • Upload the track and let me know where I can find it (i.e. Rapidshare, Megaupload). You can also email me the mp3 file directly.
  • Voting will commence on November 1st and will last for 1 week. Voting will be open to contest participants only and you need to vote to be eligible to win any prize (details will follow later).

Note: For this contest you may also use any host, instrument, effect or sample for your entry (just keep it legit so don’t use pirated software or anything like that).

Download the sample pack below (11.3 MB)

Prime Loops sample pack Downloads: 1277 times

What’s in it for you?

Prime Loops has generously offered some prizes. First place winner takes home $200’s worth of exclusive Prime Loops Sounds suites of his/her choice. Two runners up will get a free Prime Loops Sound Suite each.

I will regularly update this page with entries. Good luck everyone, and have fun!

Update: All the entries are in so you can now listen to the contest entries in the flash mp3 player (you can download the files from the flash player by right mouse clicking on them).

Update 2: You can also download all the entries in a zip archive (~78MB).


Voting is now open (for participants only). Please pick your top 3 and post them in the comments on this page. Note: you can NOT vote for your own entry.

1st place gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points and 3rd place gets 1 point. Whoever has the most points in the end wins.

Voting ends on Sunday, November 8, 11.59:59pm CET. You can only vote ONCE, and you NEED to vote in order to be eligible to win.

Good luck everyone!

Synapse Audio Dune 2
  • so we can’t use illegal software? but… how anybody can check is my host and my plugins are legal?:)

  • I’ll come over to your house and check your licenses! ^_^

    I’m trying to avoid having to write a lot of small print, I think people know what I mean.

  • ok, ok… but I want to know :) can I submit my track if I’m using illegal host and illegal plugins?:) I want only clear answer :)

  • Of course you could Filu… but that would be breaking the rules of this contest and therefore your entry wouldn’t be valid. Whether or not I can check what you actually used isn’t relevant.

    So your clear answer is: you CANNOT participate in this contest if you’re using illegal software for your entry.

  • Ok, I understand :) Sorry about the problem :)

  • sOuL*sCientiSt

    So basically what yr saying Ronnie is u can use the samplez from the sample pack and yr own samplez also?! And u can use any VST or effect u want?! If that’z true then I can’t wait to hear the trackz this time around. PEACE and good luck to all my RekkHeadz!!
    JAH BLESS oNe,Ra

  • @Filu — no probem!

    @sOuL*sCientiSt — As long as you use at least one sample from the sample pack it’s all good, so yes, lots of freedom to use your own style, favorite instruments/effects and whatnot.

  • sOuL*sCientiSt


  • Radi88

    I’m really looking forward to this! Thank you for doing this! It’ll be interesting to see what people will come up with on such short notice, but with more freedom.

  • 337

    Awesome, this’ll be a great distraction from writing my senior thesis

  • Rich Whitfield

    Not sure I will get a track finished by then, but I will certainly give it a go!

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  • Just a few more days to go, get your entries in!

  • Hi guys, it’s time to vote! I’m curious to see which tracks everyone will like best.

    Thanks everyone for joining, I’ve enjoyed listening to all your tracks.

    Good luck!

  • Jordan



    3rd Place: DBELL – PRIME LOOPS

  • Theo

    My Top Favourite is
    Vladimir Alykof – Back to the real
    the second one is
    Gerry Jennings – Dance
    and the third
    mokeone – number one

  • Trey

    I pick:

    2nd Place: Vladimir Alykov – Back To The Real
    3rd Place: Mokeone – Number 1

  • 1st: dBell – Prime Loops
    2nd: Romeboy – Remix
    3rd: Gary Jennings – Dance

  • Participants, please vote with the artist name as it appear in the tracklist so I can figure out who is who. And sorry for not clearly stating this in the voting rules (I will edit that) but you can NOT vote for your own track… If you did, please repost your top 3.

  • josh

    2nd: ROMEBOY – REMIX

  • TS

    :: hard decision::

    1st: Josef Loibner
    2nd: Romeyboy
    3rd: dBell

  • Edit:

    1st: Romeboy – Remix
    2nd: Gary Jennings – Dance
    3rd: Avoau – Universatile

  • For those who are having a hard time downloading all the songs, I just posted a zip archive so you can get them all in one go: download

  • AVOaW aka Jordan

    I find it strange that the artist can’t vote for themselves. The President votes for himself.

    1st: TAUFX- Russian Winter
    2nd: THEO DEGE – Genesis

  • Dee Damico

    2nd place: Vladimir Alykov-Back to the Real
    3rd palce: Mokeone-Number1

  • Survei HipHop (goes by Radi88)

    My first reaction was that rocking the 4-on-the-floor kickdrum definitely makes an appearance or two :) And then comes the hard decision of who rocks it best.

    Alright, for me, number one is
    Romeyboy – Remix

    number 2 is
    Taufx – Russian Winter

    and number three is
    Mokeone – Number 1

  • mokeone

    WOW, it’s almost to the point where I can’t pick just 3. Alright:

    #1-Theo Dege, Genisis

    #2-Taufx, Russian Winter

    #3-Ludamillion, Lago

    Everyone else is a tight 4th.

  • 1. Vladimir Alykov – Back to the real
    2. dBell – Prime Loops
    3. Lago – Ludamillion


  • 1. RomeyBoy – Remix
    2. Josef Loibner – No Poetry
    3. Gary Jennings – Dance

  • robert avdjian

    Vladimir Alykov – Back To The Real – number1
    RomeyBoy – Remix – number3

  • Thanks everyone for the votes.

    A little reminder though, only participants’ votes will actually count. So all your friends can come over and show their support, but their votes will not count. This contest is not about who has the most friends ^_^

  • Christopher Wiuff

    #1 Vladimir Alykov – Back To The Real
    #2 RomeyBoy – Remix
    #3 Survey Hip Hop – There is a Hunger

  • To be honest, many of the tracks are not my taste at all, even though I did try to give them all a chance and listen for things that might appeal to me somehow. Also I don´t quite know if it´s a good or a bad thing that many of the participants have used the samples given unedited… It does show a certain ability to “adapt”… but it might just aswell be lazyness? :D I´ll never know ;)

    personally, I chose to use one of the two vocal samples (cut, layered, filtered, reverbed)
    along with 1 synth stab (cut, filtered, + various effects) and a percussion sound (mostly noticable in the intro part).. :)

    note: my own vote is a to be find a couple posts above this

    good luck to all participants :)

  • Ashley

    2nd place: Vladimir Alykov-Back to the Real
    3rd palce: Mokeone-Number1

  • Luke aka Ludamillion

    Well this was tough, all of the track were good. So i guess I boil it down to the one’s I found my self listening to the most.

    #1: Josef Loibner
    #2: Survei Hip-Hop
    #3: Vladimir Alykov

    To Vladimir, I know in my case using the samples mostly dry was a little of both in terms of laziness and adaptability. I put of working on the track until there where only a few days left and didn’t have too much time to muck things up.

    Good Luck to my fellow participants and thanks to those who voted for mine.

  • 1st: Josef Loibner (the best, I wanna make remix! contact me after contest if you want)
    2nd: Romeyboy (cool too, nice work)
    and 3rd: dBell

    I think its honest… Good luck!

  • Survei HipHop (Radi88)

    Vladimir made an interesting comment about folks using the samples unedited. I think it’s easy to tell when someone’s using an unedited sample, but it’s hard (for me) to tell when someone’s using a sample that has been processed a lot. So they may have some really dry samples from the pack, but they might also have some from the pack that are so processed and “misused” you can’t tell it came from the pack.

    An example of this in my own song, you’ll notice the hook lead is a very wobbly sound layered with a plucked string instrument. What I did for the wobbly sound was I took the really high “tinnitus” sample out of the loop and played the notes two octaves down from the original pitch in order to turn it into a lead. You can hear this very well in the third hook because I decided not to have the plucked string in the first part of the third hook.

    I say this just to illustrate that others may have done things like that where we can’t tell they’ve processed a sample. There are a lot of places where I use the “tinnitus” sample as it was originally intended, such as in the rolls, but I also used it in creative ways too.

    For all I know the folks who used the samples very dry may have also done some strange stuff to them in order to get other sounds. Like Romeyboy’s synth bass may have come from pitching down the Sunsoaked loop’s ending sound (just hypothetically speaking).

    I think Taufx did a cool thing where he took one of the samples and automated the amount of the tweaking done to the sample so that it goes from dry to distorted. Because of this, you could tell he was processing the sample. Otherwise, it would’ve taken a trained ear to catch it.


    I don’t think it matters whether you can hear the samples or not. All that matters is whether the track is composed and produced well, and whether or not you enjoy listening to it.

    In other words, Aphex Twin could have taken all the samples, and we would never know where they came from, but could make a really great track.

  • josef loibner

    1. survei hiphop – there is a hunger
    2. ludamillion – lago
    3. timo schneider – limb by limb

    @ taufx, thank you, contact me at .

  • Gary

    1- josef loibner
    3- vladimir

    first time i did something like this, it was alot of fun.

  • 1. Vladimir Alykov
    2. dBell
    3. josef loibner

  • Ben

    Hi Guys, Ben here from Prime Loops…wow! Awesome mixes, top notch stuff, we are blown away!

    We will be featuring a selection of the favourites on our The Mix Page here ( for everyone to check out….and a big congratulations to the winners!

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  • Radi88

    That was a lot of fun! Thanks to Ronnie and the sponsor for having the competition. Keep letting us know about competitions! :)

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