Scarbee announces Final Sale – 40% Off

Scarbee - Thomas Hansen Skarbye

Scarbee has announced a Final Sale, offering 40% discount on its remaining stock.

As we will close our Web Shop for good on December 19 we will have a final 40% Sale of the remaining Keyboard Libraries and Vintage Keyboard FX from today: December 7 until December 18.

As Native Instruments will not release VKFX in future we have decided to discontinue the product as I will not have shop open just for 1 product – I look forward to have a weekend where I don’t have to check and send orders…

So this is absolutely last chance to buy Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX.

At same time it is also LAST time to buy KGB – Keyboard Gold Bundle and VKC – Vintage Keyboard Collection. When Native Instruments releases the Keyboard sounds next year they will only be released as single instruments.

Note: Current owners of Scarbee keyboard libraries will be able to download a Kontakt 4 update when these products are released – just as with the bass libraries. You will still need a FULL version of Kontakt 4 though.

More information: Scarbee

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  • irfan

    Does this mean scarbee will be completely out of business or that he’ll only be selling his stuff thru native instruments?

  • I'm sure he will continue to work with Native Instruments.


    By settling into a partnership with Native Instruments, Thomas Hansen Skarbye can now focus completely on the creation of further software instruments that will complement the existing Scarbee range, and eventually extend it into new sonic domains. Close collaboration with the NI product design and development team will allow him to utilize all existing and upcoming features of KONTAKT to the fullest extent.

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