Sennheiser launches DrumMic`a free virtual drum instrument for Kontakt Player

Sennheiser  DrumMic`a

Sennheiser has introduced DrumMic`a, a free virtual drum instrument powered by Kontakt Player.

DrumMic`a! ist ein extrem aufwändig produziertes, virtuelles Instrument für den KONTAKT 5 PLAYER von Native Instruments und besteht u. a. aus mehr als 13.000 Audio-Samples und ca. 40.000 Zeilen Programmcode. 15 Sennheiser und Neumann-Mikrofone an einem amtlichen Drum-Set, aufgenommen in einem reellen, professionellen Studio, nachzubearbeiten durch das integrierte Software-Studio. Sowie ca. 1370 stilechte Beats, eingespielt von einem leibhaftigen Profi-Drummer.

Das Besondere daran: DrumMic`a! lässt sich in nahezu jede digitale Audio Workstation und somit auch für eigene Produktionen verwenden. Und das Beste: Sennheiser und Neumann bieten die Software im Rahmen einer Freeware-Lizenz an, d. h. die Nutzung ist nach der Eingabe eines kostenlosen Registrierungscodes unlimitiert!

The DrumMic`a library is a free download. Free registration is required for unlimited use.

More information: Sennheiser

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  • maxcompress

    Although this is free of charge- it cost a lot of wasteful disk space
    IMO. This product is one of those mega size library’s that throws in
    high sample counts that really aren’t that distinct from each other in
    most instances. They could’ve done this product in 1 GB or less and got
    the same outcome.

    As far as my ears can tell… this is 8 gigs
    of a single drum kit recorded with different mikes. That’s merely my
    opinion and not a stated fact. Don’t look for a slew of different drum
    snare drum types. The drums sound pretty good and seem as if they would
    sit rather nicely in a mix. I intend to sample the most relevant sounds
    to build a good solid kit or 2 and then uninstall the library and
    reclaim nearly 8GB’s of space. I can make some good kits with only 200
    to 800 MB’s worth of the samples! Most of them sound redundant.

    I didn’t get a good sense of the MIC’s used to record this demo, which
    is the whole point of this product. The programming could’ve been a lot
    better to actually showcase each MIC.

  • thomas

    you should go learn about sampling

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