Shiverware Musix isomorphic musical keyboard for iOS free for a limited time

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Shiverware Musix

Shiverware has announced a limited time deal for Musix, a fully-customizable multiple-layout isomorphic musical keyboard.

For every 100 twitter followers @Shiverware gets we will give Musix away free for a day (normally $4.99).

So, if we get 100 followers Musix will be free on friday (20th), if we get 1000 followers, Musix will be free for 10 days!

More information: Shiverware

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  • Tom

    It’s priced € 0.99 now which isn’t bad at all.

    Yet it would be nice if I could access the iTunes store. All day I’m getting the infamous
    “We’re sorry. we cannot complete your request at the iTunes store this time.” :s

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