Short links for April 24th, 2009


Some interesting things I found recently:

Jethroe DJ FX

# Jethroe DJ FX

Jesse Terry writes:

Here’s a little master bus effect rack for Live 8 that I put together. This is the one used in the APC40 video. Thanks to Ableton user joesapo, I used some of his effect racks as components in this one.

Fade to Red uses Live 8’s new modes for the delays, for some nice dubby delay, similar to an Electro-Harmonix Memory Man.

# iDaft for iPhone

iPhone version of the original iDaft by Matias Najle.

If you always wanted to feel like Daft Punk, here’s a tool that will make you lose minutes, hours or days having fun doing your own version of “Harder Better Faster Stronger”.

Charles Altmann wooden turntable

# The Altmann DIY Turntable

Charles Altmann writes:

After the success I had with my homebrew tonearm, I decided to build a turntable that is able to fathom the sonic delicacies that the tonearm is able to produce.

Those who visit my sites regularly already know that I am a sucker for natural tone. Therefore the turntable is made to large parts out of wood. Wooden base, wooden motor base, wooden turntable-platter, wooden tonearm. Some ideas make this turntable easy and cheap to build. Depending on your local price for wood, and your ability to find some surplus parts, total cost can be as low as $50,-

  • Jethroe

    Thanks for the traffic, I’ll make some new DJ fx soon…Jethroe…

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