Short links for April 28th, 2009


Some interesting things I found recently:

Todd Vanderlin AR Scratching

# Todd Vanderlin | AR Scratching

Moving it in front of a camera, Todd Vanderlin uses a vinyl record equipped with an AR marker to manipulate music.

I was playing around with some AR markers the other day and came up with this idea. taking just a plain old vinyl record and attaching an AR marker to the label you can track the record in 3D space. The next question was, can you scratch the record? So by figuring out the velocity of the records rotation and applying it to the payback of the audio you can scratch.

… playback of course.

# SONiVOX | MIDI Solution for Google Android Mobile Phone Platform – SONiVOX audioINSIDE is an advanced, device-hardened audio synthesis solution with high quality MIDI audio capabilities used primarily to create interactive mobile gaming applications.

Leadtowill Cassette Spring Reverb

# Leadtowill: spring reverb

Leadtowill writes:

This was a cassette radio. I removed the motor etc and added an input to the amp section of the circuit, mounted a spring and converted the speaker to a driver with a knife – the result is a roomy sounding spring reverb.
Future additions —- a filter and feedback section, maybe make use of the radio section as a white noise generator…

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