Short links for August 19th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently:

Christopher Willits of XLR8R takes a look at some of the features of Max for Live (no it’s not out yet!).

Warning: there’s a pretty loud advert before the video actually starts so be sure to turn down the volume on your set before hitting the play button on the video below…

# MaoMakMaa Sample and DIY Blog – Lots of interesting sampled instruments, field recordings etc.

Anamanaguchi by Oliver Lopena

# The Art of Music with Chips: Behind the Scenes with 8-bit Band Anamanaguchi

Vijiht Assar talks to Pete Berkman of 8-bit band Anamanaguchi:

I recently had a chance to chat with Anamanaguchi, who would probably be the boy-band teen idols of the chiptune world if the scene were to tolerate such things.

Lead songwriter Pete Berkman opened up about his creative process and the digital speed bumps he hits along the way, and guitarist Ary Warnaar is on another planet when it comes to working with Game Boy synths like LSDJ and Nanoloop, but the most freakish technical bits came from bassist James DeVito. He wrote later to describe in detail the customized hardware he’s cobbling together for use on tour, which so far has involved modding the Nintendo for multiple outputs, each with a bolted-on 1/4″ jack and volume knob, and integrating a tiny high-res screen lifted from a PlayStation. He’s even considering a built-in controller for the next version.

# nanoKONTROL Myr for Ableton Live: Free, Powerful Control for Live – Custom python script for the nanoKontrol by James Waterworth aka Myralfur. Includes interactive scene triggers.

  • Zak

    Do not click on that video, there is a horrific unskippable unmutable advert that comes on before the video, had to close the window to get it to stop. Ridiculous.

  • Yeah sorry about that Zak. I’ll add a little warning…

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