Short links for August 4th, 2008


Some interesting things I found on August 4th, 2008:


# Dj-101 DIY Guide at – by Ean Golden.

Our new dj tech tools mantra for this week is:

“we go through the annoying stuff so you dont have to”

That certainly applies to my current attempt to offer a simple, inexpensive midi controller that most people could find useful. In the end I succeeded, but it required some serious investigation and re-thinking the fundamental concepts. This design is not meant to be sold or duplicated but rather to show the basic steps required in building your own midi accessory or moding an existing controller.

# Lo-fi Arduino Guitar Pedal – Bit crushing, rate reducing, weird noises: DIY 10-bit effects/guitar pedal with an Arduino for lo-fi DSP.

# Teh Suck – Akai MPC5000 – Hip hop producer Just Blaze on the Akai MPC5000 and why he thinks it shouldn't actually be available for sale at this moment. Why companies don't properly beta test their flagship products is beyond me…

# The Levelator from The Conversations Network

Do you believe in magic? You will after using The Levelator to enhance your podcast. And you'll be amazed that it's free, now even for commercial use.

The Conversations Network Levelator

So what is The Levelator? It's software that runs on Windows, OS X (universal binary), or Linux (Ubuntu) that adjusts the audio levels within your podcast or other audio file for variations from one speaker to the next, for example. It's not a compressor, normalizer or limiter although it contains all three. It's much more than those tools, and it's much simpler to use. The UI is dirt-simple: Drag-and-drop any WAV or AIFF file onto The Leveler's application window, and a few moments later you'll find a new version which just sounds better.

# Arduino Semaphor | Windmeadow Labs – Arduino based robot semaphore system.

# bwack is a genius. i think. – bwack was commissioned by family force 5 to construct the largest sampler in the history of live rock music. and, with the assistance of his carpentry proficient padre, don bwack, he has done it.

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