Short links for February 3rd, 2008


Some interesting things I bookmarked on on February 3rd, 2008:

  • HOWTO Hack Your Guitar Hero Whammy Bar – The idea of this hack is to enable the controller with an “auto” mode that simulates the constant jostling of the whammy bar at all times, maximizing the points accumulated while playing.
Ryan Sturmer's Guitar Hero modRyan Sturmer’s Guitar Hero mod
  • Weird Sound Generator Reborn – Makes Wacky, Zany, Weird, Unusual Sounds.
  • Electric Stick Bass – An electric bass is created using 1 broken bass string, 1 piezo transducer, part of a cheap wooden easel leg, and 2 metal rods from a bookshelf. A video is included to demonstrate the sound of the stick bass.
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