Short links for February 7th, 2008


Some interesting things I bookmarked on on February 7th, 2008:

  • Musicthatmakesyoudumb – Correlation of musical tastes and SAT scores. Duh!
  • cbbrakedrum – The BrakeDrum is an attempt at making a drum pad system based on circuit bend toys. It consists of 4 drum pads with piezo elements in them and a box with 5 bend toys, 4 almost identical steering wheel toys and a small beat box toy.
BrakeDrumMikMo’s BrakeDrum
  • Question Mark Album – Timothy Preut (t1mp) delivers another great album. Free download, check it out! (make sure you check Soulphonic as well…)
  • Pre-owned bookmarks – Collected over the years from books purchased at flea markets, garage sales, used bookstores, etc.
  • DIY Harmonica Mic 3 – Harmonica mic made from scrounged pieces of other items.
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