Short links for June 16th, 2008


Some interesting things I found on June 16th, 2008:

# A Towering Achievement of Indescribable Beauty – New album by Matthew Davidson (Stretta).

Escape Philosophy - A Towering Achievement of Indescribable Beauty

Matthew writes:

For the technically-minded, I used a MOTU Ultralite with the on-board pre-amps, a pair of Neumann KM184 mics, a Yamaha C3 grand piano, MaxMSP, monome 256 and Digital Performer running on a G5 iMac. There is only one preset on a piano. However, that didn’t stop the synthesist in me from attempting to simulate orchestration by processing elements to shape the sound into something ensemble-like. I used EQ, reverbs, delays, phase-vocoding, creative fading, reversed audio, etc… It isn’t processed to the extent of something like One of the Most Interesting Kinds of Sounds, but the uninitiated may think I sweetened with synthesizers. I didn’t. Just the piano.

You can download a free copy of ‘A Towering Achievement of Indescribable Beauty’ (38MB zip archive 128k MP3 files) from Matthew’s website. (Link via Synthtopia)

# Solar Theremin – With very few parts you can build a tiny solar powered theremin enclosed in an ALTOIDS
mint tin. So when the oil runs out, the ice caps melt and civilization crumbles
to dust, thanks to the Heliophone, we will still have electronic music :-)

# Korg nanoSeries puts laptop users in control – Korg's new nanoSeries devices are designed to meet the needs of artists who like to make music on the go but don't want to make any sacrifices in the control department.

# Near Future Laboratory » Scale – Guitar Hero bot with circuit schematics and PCB layout.

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