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Eigenharp Alpha - Geert Bevin

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Eigenharp Alpha review after three months

Geert Bevin wrote in to let us know about his experiences with the Eigenharp Alpha:

I've been playing the Pico since November and then moved on to the Alpha. After three months of playing the Eigenharp Alpha, I've now published an in-depth review about it from the perspective of a traditional musician.

From Geert’s EigenZone website:

For the past three months, Eigenlabs has loaned me an Eigenharp Alpha. I’ve been playing it every day, discovering the instrument and working on my technique. This has allowed me to write this review from the point of view of a musician that has already spent quite some effort on it. During this time I worked closely with Eigenlabs and related all my gripes and pain points so that they could be improved upon, and they have!

The instrument that I had at my disposal was the final prototype before the actual production models that are being sold now. Many things were different and now that I’ve actually bought my own personal Alpha and sent the review model back, I clearly see how much better the final version is, even though I already found the prototype amazing.

# Jeff Mills – The Occurrence

The Occurrence is a hybrid project of Science Fiction and Techno Music. It displays the innovations of our time and space, an era of change with minds that intensely stare forward to the future.

Jeff Mills - The OccurrenceThe Occurrence on hybrid CD, refugar CD on one side, 5&inch; vinyl on the other

The playable format and Technology of this album is also a hybrid. The parallel mix of vinyl and digital formats are brought forward in a unique way that gives the listeners and programmers more options in which to enjoy. (see product photos). The Occurrence. The next installment of Sleeper Wakes. Explored and produced by Jeff Mills.

Sold out already…

# Diego Stocco’s Bassoforte, an Incredible Instrument Made from a Dismantled Piano

Diego writes:

Few days ago I started thinking about how I could re-purpose the keyboard of the dismantled piano I keep in the garden, so I thought to build a new instrument by combining it with some other parts I had laying around. I ended up with this mechanical hybrid thing I thought to call "Bassoforte" (bass + pianoforte).

The neck is from a broken electric bass, as a bridge I used a cabinet handle, the pickups are from a guitar, and the part
at the top where the strings are attached is a chimney cap, which works as resonator as well as percussive sound.

The track I created is a tribute to my Dad who is a big fan of Western comic books and “spaghetti western” films, and because of him I am too.

  • Thanks a lot for the mention of my Eigenharp Alpha review, it’s much appreciated!

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