Short links for June 7th, 2009


Some interesting things I found recently:

# Famous people who use the APC 40

APC40 + Photoshop = FTWSeriously funny APC40 photoshopping thread on the Ableton forum. link via CDM

# MATRIXSYNTH: New SEM from Tom Oberheim – via alt-mode: "Tom is showing a new SEM with the same circuits plus an integrated MIDI/CV. Price < $1k. Available in a few months."

# little-scale: X-EDX Tuning Synth

little-scale X-EDX Tuning Synth

Sebastian Tomczak:

I made a very basic synth to explore equal division by ratio tuning a little more easily. The name comes from the fact that it can play any tuning of the form "x equal divisions of ratio a is to b". It's basically a patch with a sine / pulse / triangle wave, with a MIDI input.

# touch.listen.synth – Lovely touch-contact synth by Alex Inglizian. Video here.

Synapse Audio Dune 2 EDM Vol 1