Short links for March 5th, 2009


Some interesting things I found recently:


# THRU YOU | Kutiman mixes YouTube

If there's one music video you are going to watch this year it should be one of Kutiman's. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

This guy collected tons of clips from YouTube and remixed them into brand new songs. Mad skills.

Note: everybody and their mother is now trying to watch Kutiman’s amazing work, so if the site is offline you should really check back later!

# Reaktor Tutorials – Free Reaktor tutorials by Mats Claesson. From the basics of building a simple synth to more advanced topics like Granulation modules.

Benjamin Heckendorn Guitar Hero 4 hack

# Air pressure kick pedal for Guitar Hero 4

Benjamin J Heckendorn built an alternative to the GH4 drum kit’s kick pedal for a person who uses a wheelchair:

Basically this turns the kick pedal into an air pressure diaphragm. You can now “kick” the bass drums by blowing into a tube.

# In search of the click track

Paul Lamere uses the Echo Nest API to find out who is using a click track:

I’ve always been curious about which drummers use a click track and which don’t, so I thought it might be fun to try to build a click track detector using the Echo Nest remix SDK ( remix is a Python library that allows you to analyze and manipulate music). In my first attempt, I used remix to analyze a track and then I just printed out the duration of each beat in a song and used gnuplot to plot the data. The results weren’t so good – the plot was rather noisy. It turns out there’s quite a bit of variation from beat to beat. In my second attempt I averaged the beat durations over a short window, and the resulting plot was quite good.

Synapse Audio Dune 2 EDM Vol 1