Short links for May 26th, 2008


Some interesting things I found on May 26th, 2008:

# glitchDS – A free homebrew Cellular Automaton music sequencer for the Nintendo DS. Perfect for creating IDM and Glitch style loops.

glitchDSglitchDS – a music sequencer driven by the “game of life”

glitchDS features include:

  • Customizable Cellular Automaton sequencer.
  • Create your own “trigger points”.
  • Load in your own sounds.
  • Save and load your work.
  • BPM settings, or “strum mode” for controlling tempo.
  • Up to 6 sounds can be loaded at once.
  • Each sound has its own 32 step frequency modulation sequencer.
  • Global Distortion setting.

Check this YouTube video to see glitchDS in action.


# Arduino library for Peggy 2.0 – This brings Peggy 2.0 up to the level of having useful compatibility with the Arduino software environment: you can use high-level commands to control what shows up on the Peggy display.

# Chris Graham’s MultiWind instruments – The Mini Instrument (payable in many styles including brass, harmonica and breath controller) and the Woodwind style instrument, which is convertible from the Mini Instrument by snapping on the Finger Unit.

# Beatesthesia – highly customizable WYSIWYG music visualizer – Inspired in motive and design by synesthesia. Synesthesia from the Ancient Greek (syn), meaning “with,” and (aisthesis), meaning “sensation” is the phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

# Noise Toy in a Tea Tin

Becky Stern writes:

I assembled my Noise Toy kit knowing that I wanted to put it in some kind of enclosure, so I made sure to break out all the switches with wires. I found an old tea tin in my father’s shop and he helped me mount the circuit inside. We used a piece of wood to mount the circuit board inside and space the audio jack nearer the center of the lid. The two screws mounting the wood piece sort of look like eyes, and the switches on either side sort of look like ears, if you imagine it as a robot.