Short links for October 24th, 2007


Some interesting things I bookmarked on on October 24th, 2007:

Japanese Hiding Place (photo by Torin Boyd/Polaris)Can you spot where the person is hiding? Hilarious and sad at the same time…
  • Gmail IMAP – Gmail now supports IMAP!
  • PlusDeck – Cassette-to-MP3 converter – Still have old cassette tapes worth saving? You can easily convert them to digital formats with plusdeckEX and plusdeck2c. (or just don’t be lazy and hook up your old cassette player to your computer…)
  • Chris Gilmour – Beautiful cardboard sculptures, including a typewriter, 12 speed bicycles, a grand piano, a coffee machine, and a life size car.
  • Looza

    If this tapedeck would actually be able to record those tapes faster than normal speed (or offer some serious automated recording/eqing/splitting of tracks) I would think about it. I still have this box with 40+ tapes, partly filled with tekkno/D&B DJ-sets from all over the 90s, but I just don’t have the time to record them all one by one … Btw, their website is pretty broken.

  • Just hook up a tape player to your computer and start listening to the tapes while recording them. It really doesn’t take so much effort, I bet you’re on the computer a lot anyway. You just have to do it (^_^)

  • Looza

    You are right, but lately 80% of the time I am doing something on my PC it involves something with audio … I could try to set it up so that audition samples the tapes silently in the background, will have to work on that.

  • digital lofi

    When I get around to start digitizing some favorite mixes and some old college radio shows, I’m going with PlusDeck. $99 bucks and it slots right in a drive bay:

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