Short links for October 3rd, 2008


Some interesting things I found recently:

# Native Instruments Spiral (YouTube) – a sequenced Reaktor synth by Lazyfish, part of the Reaktor Animated Circuits KORE SoundPack (also available free to Reaktor users. Whoohoo!)

Native Instruments Spiral sequencing instrument, built in Reaktor 5

# Phantastron – This is a very special circuit and remind me of the old days playing with HeathKits in the basement. I'm very glad that I can offer this experience to you. It's a great way to learn about tubes, synthesis and extra-super-old-school synth-brewing.

# cellsDS at glitchDS – cellsDS is a free flexible, programmable grid-based music sequencer for the Nintendo DS. cellsDS is six sequencers in one, with each sequencer being controlled by a user definable Lua script. It is the peculiar anti-social stepchild of the Tenori-On and Monome.

# AES news and rumors – ProTooler Blog posts the latest news and rumors from AES:

Already time for AES again! Man, time flies. Unfortunately I won’t be attending it this year. The worst part about that isn’t necessarily that I can’t go around molesting the latest gear, but that I’ll miss all the kickass parties I’ve been invited to! Oh well. I’ll of course do my best to cover the news, and hopefully some friendly dude or dudette will supply me with some floor footage as well (if you’re going and is interested, let me know).

In the meantime, here are some of the AES news that have dropped into my mailbox over the last few weeks.

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