Short links for September 2nd, 2008


Some interesting things I found on September 2nd, 2008:

# SmadSteck – SmadSteck specializes in real-time interactive sampling technology. We provide the technical basis of the various audiovisual sampling projects initiated in the context of Sample madnesS.

Eboman 2008 – Lowlands live sample track

This composition was produced for the Lowlands Festival by Eboman and performed live at the Lowlands Festival on 15, 16 and 17 August 2008 (SenSorSuit = played by Eboman, Camera = played by Mascha Rutten, Software = SenS IV by

For more info visit Eboman.

# Ben Fino-Radin – Oscillator cabinets – Oscillator cabinets – aural and visual vibration, 2007
Behind each needlepoint cone is a speaker, the speakers are playing recordings of people who wore headphones, listened to oscillators, and sang the tones they heard in real time. there are tweve voices, each with it's own cone.

# Matrixsynth: The Red Rig – Made to mimic the look of the vintage drum pads, it's made of 100% PVC pipe and copper pad fittings. All custom designed – made it up as I went along. The wiring harness took about a day to make, and is almost completely hidden inside the tubes themselves. The ends just hang in place for quick connection to the pads when setting up, and to connect to the snake that feeds the equipment rack.

# Ruin & Wesen: Lovely, Petite, Hackable Controllers for Machinedrum, Ableton, More

Peter Kirn writes:

Today, Ruin & Wesen have launched their website, with two nice-looking products ready for pre-order. The MIDI Command is a small box with five endless rotary encoders on it and a “Macro Knob.” Here’s where things start to get interesting: not only does the unit ship with support for Ableton Live and Elektron Machinedrum support out of the box, but you can flash your own firmware using SysEx. There’s also an LED display, so combined with the software editors and MIDI mappings, this could even allow you to “roll your own” Kore-style controller.

# The Umbrella Company Suitcase SK-1 – The Umbrella Company have created a series of modified Casio SK-1 keyboards housed in antique suitcases.

Synapse Audio Dune 2 EDM Vol 1