Sicko has health care industry worried


The health care industry can’t be too excited about Michael Moore’s latest film Sicko, a documentary style movie (which opened June 29th) that shows Moore’s point of view on the US health care industry.

Michael Moore Sicko


Moore builds his case against managed care through a series of anecdotes: a woman whose health insurer denied treatment on the basis she was “too young” to have cervical cancer; another who was billed for an ambulance ride after a car accident because she failed to get the trip “pre-approved.”

True to Moore’s filmmaking style, he launches biased, one-sided attacks to bring his message. Naturally insurance and health care representatives feel the need to downplay the films impact.

“Unfortunately, this is a Hollywood editorial. It is not a documentary and it should be seen as such,” said Mohit Ghose, spokesman for America’s Health Insurance Plans, the industry trade group. “He (Moore) made no attempt to contact us … about the issues he raises in the movie.”

I’m sure Moore conveniently left out details in his anecdotes, but if nothing else, let this film be an eye opener to the public and encourage governments to think about the pharmaceutical, heath care and insurance industries.

Being from Europe I’m used to a fairly social health care system, where everyone –rich or poor– has the right to decent health care. But I can see this non-social “I don’t want to pay for my neighbor’s medical treatment” attitude mounting here also.

If people can’t afford proper health care/insurance, this should not be a problem for the person in question, but rather for the government which should be there to support its people in the first place…