Sir Elliot releases SL–1 Soft Clipping Limiter

Sir Elliot SL-1 Soft Clipping Limiter

Sir Elliot has released the SL–1, a free soft clipping limiter effect plugin for Windows.

The SL-1 was designed to tame Brass Instruments under live sound reinforcement environments. It will however easily adapt to the recording market.

The SL-1 is more suited for Brass Instruments or female vocals that fall within the Alto range.

Offering a soft limiting technology, distortion is minimised which makes it superb for Jazz & Salsa music.

SL–1 for Windows (VST) is available as freeware.

More information: Sir Elliot / SL–1 Soft Clipping Limiter

StereoSavage at Plugin Boutique
  • Chad Kroeger

    I don’t want to sound spiteful, but developers like Sir Elliot are the primary cause of piles of crappy plugins that overload online audio community. Little thought is put into development, which is obvious by results, and it looks like only effort has been made to attach some hardware bitmap to inadequate knobs and VU meters. Lazy&lame.

    What’s the harm, since it’s freeware? Not much, except pissing me off.

  • Not sure if I agree. Sir Elliot seems to put quite a lot of thought into his plugins, perhaps drawing on his experience as a hardware designer.

    Concerning the GUI I would prefer more precise controls and meters over “vintage” looks.

    Chad, have you tried any of Sir Elliot’s plugins? I’m wondering if there’s anything specific you don’t like apart from the interface.

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