Slashdot is tagging artciles (beta)

Slashdot Tagging (beta)

Slashdot tagging:

Slashdot is currently experimenting with tagging articles. You are encouraged to use this feature to submit a handful of tags: brief labels that you think best describe this article. You might choose to say that this is an article about ‘security’ and ‘mozilla’.

This is all very beta. Currently tagging is only open to subscribers and some users.

Tags on the current frontpage include:

  • microsoft, vaporware, vapourware, windows (for an article about Microsoft’s successor to Windows)
  • fud, stupid, spain, p2p, inaccurate (Spain banning unauthorized peer-to-peer file-sharing, okay that is kind of stupid)
  • nobody (for ‘Ask Slashdot’ question Who is Going to Buy SkyOS?)

Hmm, doesn’t seem to be too useful at the moment…