Smart Loops releases three new SL MultiTracks

Smart Loops MultiTracks

Smart Loops has released three new SL MultiTracks drum loop libraries in ACID WAV format for use with Mac and PC software samplers and audio software.

With SL MultiTracks, computer-based musicians and producers can take complete control of the drum mix by discretely controlling volumes, EQ and FX on individual drum and cymbal loops (kick, snare, hats, overheads, and toms). Each MultiTrack groove and one-shot is provided in two ways: as a set of multitrack drum and cymbal loops, and as a complete stereo mix loop.

New SL MultiTracks

  • 6/8 Slow Rock 1, great for a rock ballad. The drum loops also work great for just a nice slow 6/8 tune with a strong backbeat.
  • Medium Straight Rock 10, features a basic meat and potatoes groove with simple fills. This collection also comes with a nice BIG room track for creating that big Bonham sound.
  • Slow-Medium Straight Rock 5, includes some basic, heavy, wide-open hi-hat groves, with a few lighter tom and snare drum patterns. Good for songs with a few different dynamic sections.

The SL MultiTracks libraries are available for download in ACID WAV format for $14.99 USD each. All three libraries can also be purchased as a 3 Pack Download Special for a limited time.

More information: Smart Loops

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  • Smurf

    I agree that Smart Loops has some decent stuff. Tho I don’t own the Midi files, I do own the complete Pro Drum Works 1 & 2 Bundle, SL Crash Cymbal Pack, Studio Pack, and SL Brush Grooves. I write this to show that I like the product, and do buy it. You can go to the link below to listen to just one example of the PDW Thunder Kit & Percussion Set in this contest winning song (which was done in the span of about a week or so…)

    Very few of the 1000’s of loops do not stretch right, but that is not the bad thing. For over a year I have been trying to work with Frank, SL Owner, to figures out why there are so many loops missing from the PDW Collection. So far he has not been very helpful, tho I have offered to help him go thru the Downloads & the DVD collection to see what might be amiss, and offered to pay postage both was for the DVD’s, since mine was the Download.

    Bottom line, there is over 1000 loops missing, and when you really break it down the total goes over 3000! You can go here to read the full story.

    He will just not work with me to solve this problem, so I would urge anyone that is thinking of buying his Audio Loops to ask about this first.

    Now, before you think that I am just being spiteful, I bought the Thunder, Crash Cymbal & Brush packs AS I was trying to get this problem solved, so I do believe in the product..

    I just wanted to let folks know about this problem….

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