Smoking Bunny Productions releases [hantera]

Smoking Bunny Productions [hantera]

Smoking Bunny Productions has released version 1.1 of [hantera], an audio manipulation tool for hardware synths.

[hantera] is an all-in-one program that was originally created to expand on my machine drum sps-1uw, so then i could expand on effects and so forth. Sooner or later it grew and grew from a simple interface of two to three effects, to then a barrage of features.

[hantera] features

  • Panning with reset/auto panning.
  • Ring modulation, with mix control.
  • Spectral shifting, with mix control.
  • Degrade, with mix control.
  • Comb filter, with mix control.
  • Stereo delay, with mix control.
  • Stereo reverb, with mix control.
  • Filter, with preset and mix control.
  • Preset save, load, clear.
  • Audio save and record.
  • Midi learn.
  • Brief .pdf with instructions.

[hantera] is available to download as freeware for Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later.

More information: Smoking Bunny Productions / [hantera]

Producers Choice
  • lewis g. edwards

    saw this in a search.
    just so you all know, i have updated this to 1.0.2
    there were a few minor bugs which have been fixed, and is working better now.

    many thanks for you posting this up on your site…


  • Thanks for the update, Lewis!

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