Softrave releases Hang VSTi

Softrave Hang VSTi

Softrave has released Hang VSTi v1.0, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Hang is a synth based on samples of a real Hang percussion instrument.

Dr Tikov was lucky enough to meet one day on streets of Barcelona city the inventors of Hang instruments – Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer and to receive their permission to built this instrument. So if you enjoy virtual version – please go and by the real one from them!

Hang VSTi is based on the Maize Sampler VSTi sampler engine. It features 4 velocity levels.

If you like the sound of Hang, be sure to check Soniccouture’s Hang Drum library.

Visit Softrave for more information and a link to download Hang VSTi.

Note: Hang VSTi is no longer freeware.

  • It seems they’ve made this into donationware…

  • Doy Lonegan

    This plug-in requires a minimum donation of 2 euro to enable download. Even being probably the cheapest non-free vsti, it should be removed from the FREEWARE category.

  • Thanks for pointing out Doy.
    First it was freeware, then it changed to something crazy like $90 donationware, and now it indeed seems to have a minimum of $2.

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