SoHa releases Sonata v1.1 alpha (now free)

SoHa Sonata

SoHa has updated Sonata to version 1.1 and made it freeware.

Sonata is a VST soft-synth for strong single-shot leads and pads. The distinctive character of Sonata makes it adept at strings and lots of simple subtractive sounds, while also specializing in sparkly and glassy mallet sounds, deep basses, and warm and rich mid-range chromatic inventions.

The new v1.1 alpha does not have new features, but it is optimized to run more efficiently.

Here are some preset banks by John Malvey:

Sonata JoMal Bank1 Downloads: 1879 times

Sonata JoMal Bank2 Downloads: 1768 times

Looking for more? Check all patches by John Malvey or for Sonata

More banks are available here as well.

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