Sonic Charge updates µTonic to v3.0.1

Sonic Charge MicroTonic

Sonic Charge has released version 3.0.1 of µTonic, a virtual drum and percussion synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

You can use µTonic as a sound module to play drum sounds from your MIDI keyboard or sequencer, or you can use the built-in pattern engine to play drum patterns in sync with your sequencer. The sound of µTonic is 100% synthetic and rendered in real-time. No samples or pre-rendered waveforms are used.

Changes in µTonic v3.0.1

  • Fixed a problem in the AU version when loading version 2 projects that could make µTonic use the wrong program number.
  • Fixed a problem with clicks in exported audio when using the “Append” tail mode.
  • Fixed a rare timing drift problem between GUI and audio when using certain audio cards.
  • Solved a compatibility problem with the Windows version of Nuendo that froze the application when using copy functions in µTonic.
  • Eliminated some almost inaudible but unwanted aliasing in the sine oscillator.
  • µTonic now displays a special message when attempting to register with a version 1 or 2 key.
  • Code is PPC G4 compatible again (just as version 2 was).
  • Updated scripting engine.

µTonic for Windows and Mac (AU/VST) is available to purchase for $99 USD + VAT.

Sonic Charge has also announced the launch of a community forum, and the release of documentation on the scripting engine, including a zip package containing a few interesting scripts to start off (available from the forum).

More information: Sonic Charge / µTonic

Cableguys TimeShaper
  • Ubeistov

    This thing is a joke. The kits in it sound like some kind of throwback to 8-bit rinky tinky kid’s toy. ticka-ticka-ticka-choooooo. It’s pathetic. Who would use this wankola? I don’t know. Maybe no talent rappers or techno losers.

  • You may not like it, but that doesn’t make it a joke. It’s one of the best tools for weird percussion sounds, just not so great if you’re looking to get x0x stuff.

    Believe it or not, MicroTonic has a large fan base and rightly so in my opinion.

  • if you pay more attention you will notice that this thing is a drumsynth , that means you’re able to make your own sounds by tweaking it – as long as you are a techno looser . so the world “kits” does not mean too much

    btw i ‘ve tried it and i did not like neither , i like better dry and clean drum sounds . i guess this one is really suitable for hardtekno-hardcore fellows , if you want the typical distorted gabba kickdrum and percs this is the real thing

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