Sonimus updates SonEQ to v1.1, Mac AU/VST now available

Sonimus has released version 1.1 of SonEQ, a free equalizer effect plug-in modeled from two analog equalizers.

Sonimus SonEQSonimus SonEQ – modeled after the Pulteq EQP and API 550

Changes in SonEQ v1.1

  • New GUI.
  • Mac AU / VST versions added.
  • Fixed CPU usage problem on some processors.
  • Band gain now shows dB instead of Hz.
  • The “VU Meter” is softer, and some host-specific bugs were fixed.
  • Mono tracks now supported.
  • Includes two new high quality filters: High-Pass and Low-Pass.
  • Fixed problems with noise when moving some knobs.
  • Many minor bugs fixed.

SonEQ is available to download as a freeware effect plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Sonimus

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  • Thanks for the post! :D

  • Genes

    Hey man this is great you going to be coding for 64bit?

  • bomber

    whoops… The OS X VST version crashes Reaper, while AU version works. Any idea how to contact the dev without speaking spanish? :)

  • 64 bits cooming soon…

    BOMBER send me the crash report at pylorca at gmail


  • SonEQ v1.1.[B]1[/B] released for OSX vst/au

    This version fixes some stability problem with cocoa related crashes. Only OSX

    the 3th digit informs about bugs, not new features. Win32 still on 1.1 because no bugs found yet.

    Go To

  • stevenvillano

    Thank you so much for creating this… I cant seem to get your website in order to download it though… Everytime I try I get a message that the network cant find

  • The Sonimus website has been down for a few days now, hopefully it will be back up soon…

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