Soultracker releases ABS3 beta

Soultracker ABS3 beta

Soultracker has released ABS3 beta, a freeware beat slicer type VST plugin for Windows PC.

ABS, Automated Breaking Science, is an extended version of soultrackers BreakGarbage plugin. It is based on Automatic Breakbeat Cutting Methods by Nick Collins.

ABS3 features

  • Step sequencer with Gain and Gate
  • HP/LP and comb filters
  • Reverse play, random
  • Time control, beat/slice/duration
  • Glitch effect
  • Delay
  • Automation of all parameters

This plugin requires the requires Pluggo runtime.

There’s a demo video on Soultracker showcasing ABS3, looks like tons of fun. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work on FL Studio 7, let me know if you do.

Visit Soultracker for more information and a link to download the latest version of ABS3 beta.

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  • There’s a new version up which works just fine in FL Studio so grab that if you had problems getting sound from ABS before:

  • I was about to say “get renoise”, it obviously was tested with that :)

  • Mark

    Please anyone knows were to download this? The website is down and link does not work, quite a while now, and I would love to try this plugin.
    Anyone mirror up?

  • Maybe go on the Nick Collins page and drop him a mail …

  • I’ve contacted Soultracker to see what’s up. I have two beta versions but I’m not sure if I can share them.

  • Mark

    Nick Collins got nothing to do with it, why should I mail him for? I hope soultracker can fix the site, I’m really into try this plugin badly : )

  • Okay, I messed up, it’s only based on a code by nick collins, sorry. That happens if you just scan a page and do not read properly :D

  • Haven’t heard from Soultracker yet, hope he’s okay…

    Let met put up the 3.0 beta 91 for now, if it’s a problem I will remove it right away.

    Soultracker ABS 3.0

  • Mark

    Thanks! Much Appreciate!!! Respects

  • Tom

    Hi All,

    It’s hosted at now, too:

    Hopefully the Soultracker site comes back up soon.


  • NotBadCat

    ronnie, thk man. : |

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