Soundiron Iron Pack Contest – Win Symphony Series Brass Ensemble

I am happy to announce the launch of the “Soundiron Iron Pack Contest”, a music production competition in collaboration with Soundiron.

Soundiron Iron Pack Contest

In this contest we are challenging you to create a piece of music from a single sound source, the Iron Pack #1: Grand Piano.

This pack is built on sounds cultivated from the Emotional Piano. With 100 MB of content, and 12 instrument presets for both Kontakt and SFZ, this handy kit offers a beautiful collection of atmospheric pads and mutated piano tones.

It features a 10 creative sustaining and tuned percussive banks hand-crafted by warping the raw source, plus a pair of lightweight low-memory acoustic grand piano patch to give a tiny, playable preview of our premier Emotional Piano.

Having limitations can really boost your creativity, so we are looking forward to hearing what you will come up with!

Soundiron is offering some fantastic prizes for this contest.

  • 1st prize winner will receive a copy of Symphony Series Brass Ensemble, a Kontakt Player instrument featuring a massive 32-piece brass ensemble, with divisi Trumpet, Trombone, Horn, and Tuba sections.
  • 2nd prize winner gets the Olympus Elements choral instrument library.
  • 3rd prize winner takes Apocalypse Percussion Elements, a collection of aggressive scoring and concert drums and cymbals.

The deadline for submitting your entry is October 9th, 2015, 11.59pm CET. We will announce the winners shortly after. Please check the rules below on how to take part.
Good luck!

Contest rules

  • Send an email to to confirm your participation before Thursday October 8th, 11.59pm CET. Please include your first name and last name. We will send you a link to download the Iron Pack #1: Grand Piano.
  • Create a “naked” track with the Iron Pack only. The Kontakt version includes plenty of sound manipulation controls, the sfz somewhat less. You can use some EQ & compression to help your mix but otherwise no external effects or processing is allowed.
  • Upload your entry to SoundCloud and send us the link to your track before October 9th, 2015, 11:59pm CET. One entry per person is allowed, you will receive a confirmation of your submission.
  • Your entry should be composed specifically for this contest. By entering, you grant permission for your track to be published at the website, through SoundCloud.
  • Prizes are granted at the discretion of Some prizes may be subject to specific conditions imposed by the sponsor (e.g. NFR licenses).

Contest rules subject to change.

Contest entries

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  • Hi there!

    One quick question about the Soundiron Iron Pack contest… I know we are only allowed to use the Grand Piano pack for our sound source, but are we able to use multiple tracks with the different presets in the Grand Piano pack?

    Thank you,
    Shan :-)

    • Yes, you sure can use multiple tracks. Take full advantage of everything that the pack has to offer!

      • Oleg T.

        Can we tweak the sounds? Filtering, Speed-up, Slow-down, Slicing the samples? Using compressors, delays, reverbs etc. Or just naked samples? Thanks

        • Please go for naked. The Kontakt version has a lot of controls for manipulating the sound (incl. convolution impulses). The sfz version doesn’t have the same flexibility but with Plogue’s Sforzando you still get most of the controls.

  • Joy! I am in! :)

  • Jesse Attard

    Are we supposed to buy the samples or is there a free download?

    • No purchase is required, just send an email to and we will send a download link.

      • DoctorBob

        Oh .. OK, so I bought the set. Never mind.

  • DoctorBob

    Can be use EQ, comp, limiting? I guess reverb, chorus, flange etc are out then? No form of “mastering” at all?
    So, by “naked” do you really mean just the raw output from say the sfz player tracks and plain just mixed to taste?



    • Yup, that’s the idea!

      • DoctorBob

        OK. so NO eq, no nothing! Using sforzando – can alter the character of the voices ok, Would love to add some extra reverb to tie things together, but, OK, I hear you, just what I get from the player … gonna be fun fun fun I think.
        Rob (aka dB)
        Rob (aka dB)

  • DoctorBob

    Ronnie, would I be allowed to put a little automated panning on some tracks, or do we just have to mix into stereo and that’s it?
    Some EQ would be nice to help the various tracks “sit in the mix” – e.g. a track which is bass heavy would have the high freqs chopped away and the higher freq tracks would have the bass chopped down (usual stuff).
    But, is this REALLY forbidden?
    What extra control do Kontakt people have over the sounds?

    • Oleg T.

      I’ve contacted with Soundiron. They told me EQ and Compreesing is allowed (of course, as Volume and Panning automation). Using external synths and reverbs not allowed. You can also use any of the reverb impulses and controls/FX included in Iron Pack 1’s main Kontakt user interface.

      • DoctorBob

        Thanks Oleg. Glad to clear this up. Can’t get a half decent mix without some EQ! At least I can do a little master chain of EQ, comp, limit as well! Need to tame things a little and EQ the final mix to taste!
        I’ll check out the Kontakt stuff when I have installed the Kontakt Free Player.
        I did myself a little thing using Valhalla Shimmer, and got some wonderful “choirs” from the “Coming Home” instrument! Shame I can’t use it … never mind.
        So, pretty raw and naked is the way to go but with some basic mixing tools allowed.

    • Panning is no problem of course. Unfortunately the sfz version doesn’t have as many sound manipulation features as the Kontakt version so using a little compression and EQ to help the mix is no problem. Allowing 3rd party reverb plugins would be a bit tricky as there are lots of very creative implementations one could use.

  • Szymon Szewczyk

    Hello, Can I use the Virtual Sundstage 2 Pro ? (instead of the traditional panning)

    • Hi Szymon. Can you do just panning with VSS 2 Pro or does it automatically use rooms, because you’re not supposed to use any 3rd party reverb effects.

  • Szymon Szewczyk

    In VSS2Pro is a “Free Field”. I thought about it, no room … but I’m not sure.
    I use it or not? :-p

  • Szymon Szewczyk

    Free FieId- you want to use VirtualSoundStage only as a replacement for the pan controls in your DAW mixer, without adding any extra room information simply choose the Free Field from the Room Menu.This will put your sound sources in an empty space and will free up the CPU resources normally needed to generate reflections…. :-p

  • Szymon Szewczyk

    I’m a visual person, I like VSS;-)

  • Jacek Strzelczyk

    Hello everyone! :-D Fight! ;-)

  • Michael

    Hi, I was wondering if we can do advanced volume automation, for example trance gates or custom ADSR envelopes? Are we allowed to freely change and automate any of the Iron Pack kontakt instruments’ controls? Thanks for making this cool contest!

    • Hi Michael,
      Yes you can use/automate any of the sound manipulation controls of the Iron Pack, panning & volume automation is fine as well.

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