Spotify Free Download Invite Giveaways from Point Blank


Point Blank is offering readers the chance to get a Spotify Free download invite.

Spotify, last week, finally got round to opening their services up to our cousins across the pond. Now music lovers across America have the chance to stream full albums for free, download the songs they like and sync their spotify accounts with facebook, twitter and their iPods.

This recent release comes as Spotify passed the 1 million subscriber milestone across Europe and continues to grow both structurally, as well as in its relentless pursuit of pushing legal digital music consumption and accessability forward.

To celebrate Spotify’s landmark adventure in to the great American unknown; the guys over at Spotify HQ have offered Point Blank a limited number invitions for users to download the service for free.

Point Blank is offering a Spotify Free invite to the first 10 people who comment on this post.

Many thanks to Point Blank Online!

*Note: make sure to use a valid email address when submitting your comment or you will not be able to receive the invite (no need to actually write the address in the comment).

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  • Aaron Urbanski

    Thanks, this is great! Please invite – much appreciated!

  • Major F Tropper

    I have to admit that this is my first comment ever here. But besides i obviously posting because of the invite, i have to say that i really like this site.

    So, keep up the good work. :-)

  • VSTJuNkiE

    Thanks to Ronnie (Or core for my KVR brethren) for this wonderful site and Spotify for the invite! bdawgnumrouno[at]hotmail[dot]com.


  • Tau

    Yes, yes, yes!!! And one for me :) Thanks!

  • Let’s try this! ;-)

  • Spanck

    Yeah! THX!!!!

  • MMA

    Yes please and thanks!

  • Hernan Flores Leyes

    yes please

  • Meganegibson

    Can I have one????

  • jon

    and me?

  • One left!

  • Lenz Zone

    i would take one..

  • Alfonsos55

    is it to late ?

  • All gone! The invites will be sent out shortly.

    If you didn’t get one you could head on over to Point Blank, they may still have some invites left:

  • t3toooo

    me tooo!

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