Starplugs releases VU2 VST

Starplugs VU2 VST plug-in

Starplugs has released VU2, a free 2-channel VU-style high precision level-meter plug-in.


  • Peak Meter
  • Program Peak Meter
  • VU Meter
  • Power Meter
  • Correlation meter
  • Over LED
  • Peak Needle
  • PDF Manual

To download VU2 you will need to register with Starplugs.

Visit Starplugs for more information.

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  • 3cp0

    Wow, what morons, there’s no way to add anything to the cart. Plus, if they think I’m laying down a credit card number just to get a free plugin they are fcuking higher that cheech and chong combined. Can you say fraud? Smells more fishy than Maine at low tide.

  • Hmm, maybe stay clear of that one.
    I prefer Sonalksis FreeG anyway. And if you like VU meters, PSP’s free VintageMeter is probably better as well.

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