Studiodevices releases Lexicography Vol. 1 & 2

Studiodevices Lexicography Vol. 1

Studiodevices has released Lexicography Vol. 1 & 2, two new impulse responses libraries.

Lexicography Vol. 1 & 2 features

  • 570 MB / 1.8 GB high density 24bit / 96kHz impulse-responses.
  • Includes halls, rooms, chambers, plates, ambiences and even some spaces, all of them are full new programs for highly topical sound.
  • Each reverberation was sampled in Stereo, Left, and Right. Every impulse-response is available in stereo and true-stereo.

Lexicography Vol. 1 & 2 are available for 79.99 EUR each, or in the Lexicography Bundle for 139 EUR.

Visit Studiodevices for more information and audio demos.

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