Synister free synth plugin for Windows & Mac released

Students of the Technische Universität Berlin have released Synister, a free, open source synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.


Synister was developed by TU-Berlin students under the supervision of Marc as part of a Student project from the Quality and Usability Lab.

Synister features

  • Modulation made easy.
  • It is fully Open Source.
  • VST and AU Support!
  • Sequencer? All-the-way!

The synthesizer features 3 oscillators with ADSR envelopes, multi-mode LFO’s, 2 filters (Ladder/BP/HP/LP), various fx (delay, chorus/flanger, lofi & clip), and a step sequencer with random sequence generator.

Synister is available for download for Windows and Mac as standalone software and VST/AU plugins.

More information: Synister

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    • Greetings Ronnie, Hope that yourself and your’s are well and life is treating you well. Nice one for the heads up on this one, It’s no secret that I’m far removed from being a synthesizer wizard but the stuff which I do have and use I enjoy myself meddling around plus often times end up amusing myself with the erm “interesting” results which are produced. So even though I mostly stick to ROMpler’s for a means of programming in “real” sounding drum stuff when it comes to virtual instruments, I have my folder of toys (Which in the right hands are anything but of course). All the best as always and cheers

      • Cheers, Dean! Good to hear from you. Best wishes!

        • I’ve just recently moved house again which was a real pain in the neck, However it was all worth it, All the family are much happier and that of course makes me happy. All of my gear bar a handful of my most important/precious guitars are in storage at the moment. I’ve not a single pedal, amplifier or even an old USB interface lying around to at least plumb myself into a high impedance input for utilizing all of the excellent guitar pedal, amp head and mic’d speaker cab software. So I’m with a laptop that has seen far better days and a pair of headphones, It really makes one appreciate the things one has but doesn’t often realize. I’ll be setting myself up in the garage when I’m able to as it’s a double one which means enough space for me and all my junk hehe. I’ve been focusing on diddling around with synthesizers as a means to lay out quick riff ideas which has been pretty cool/interesting and most importantly challenging, So long as they somewhat resemble the idea I had in mind, I should be good to utilize them when I’m back with an axe. I do hope that yourself and family are enjoying the summer, We are even though British weather does hinder that a little! My youngest is starting high school after the summer holidays :O They grow up so fast, We as always send our best to you and your’s Ronnie. Dean and family :D

          • Hey Dean, thanks for the update. Great to hear the move is behind and all the family is happy about it. If not that, what do we do things for.
            I started out on a 3/4 acoustic guitar when I was about 8 years old. I still have it today and I love playing it. It sounds really rich and warm, even though the body got damaged a bit throughout the years.
            So great to see your daughter take up music like that, I’m sure you are a great example and encouragement to her!
            All the best my friend,

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