Synth1 v1.07 released

Synth1 VSTi

Ichiro Toda has updated Synth1 to v1.07 (not beta anymore).

My Japanese is a bit rusty so I can’t say what changed exactly, but obviously it has to do with the Play Mode, the Phaser effect and the GUI.

  • Play Mode
    • ユニゾンステレオ化及び、stereo spreadつまみの追加
    • ユニゾン時のピッチ(note単位)調整つまみの追加
  • Effect
    • Phaserの追加
  • GUI
    • リサージュ図形スイッチの追加
    • 全体的な描画性能の改善
  • その他内部処理改善等

Check Ichiro Toda‘s website for more information.

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dieter krause
dieter krause

i don’t know what has changed technically but the sound now is greater than before !!!

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