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zplane releases PPMulator+ v2.11

zplane development PPMulator+

zplane development has released version 2.11 of PPMulator+, a cross-platform plug-in meter for digital audio workstations, developed by Raw Material Software.

zplane development, a recognized leader in audio software tools, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Raw Material Software, the developers of PPMulator+

PPMulator+ is a cross-platform plug-in meter for digital audio workstations which exactly mimics the look and feel of a professional broadcast Peak Program Meter (PPM)

By adding this plugin to the master output of your audio editing program, you can record, edit, mix and export your audio within a precisely-calibrated workspace – something which is often impossible to do when working in a non-studio environment.

Version 2.11 adds features such as surround (5.1) capability, user-configurable colours and layouts, a fully-featured phase-correlation meter, surround peak-logging, RTAS-compatibility and several other features.

PPMulator+ features

  • RTAS, VST and AU plug-in for Windows/OSX, 100% compatible with Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic & other hosts.
  • Mono/Stereo/Mid-Side/Surround (5.1) metering options, with overload LED.
  • Color-assignable and user-configurable meter layouts and channel labeling.
  • Fully-resizable single, dual or multi-meter display.
  • Built-in reference tone generator for meter alignment and calibration.
  • Monitor both input level when recording and output level when mixing.
  • Assignable phase-correlation meter, to check mono compatibility.

PPMulator+ is available for PC and Mac, priced at $99 USD / 79 EUR.

More information: zplane / PPMulator+

Steinberg announces Advanced Integration Updates for Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5, MR816 CSX/X and CC121

Steinberg Advanced Integration

Steinberg has announced Advanced Integration Updates for Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5, MR816 CSX/X and CC121.

“This is a further step along the road of integrating software and hardware in ways that offer major benefits in terms of workflow, intuitiveness and sheer smoothness of the whole customer experience,” comments Helge Vogt, Product Marketing Manager for Cubase.

Advanced Integration Updates

  • CC121 Advanced Integration USB controller includes new control options. The AI Knob now offers control for VST2 plug-ins, allowing ultra-quick “point and control” of any parameter accessible supporting use of the mouse wheel. The CC121 EQ section now features optional control over the eight Cubase 5 Quick Controls. Furthermore, the resolution of the encoders has been refined, while folder tracks can now be opened and closed directly from CC121, aiding navigation through large projects.
  • MR816 CSX and MR816 X updates come with metering and workflow enhancements, including faster access to MR settings directly in Cubase. In addition, the Hardware Setup menu has been expanded to offer more information and control within one window.
  • Cubase 5.1 supports the new functionality available in the MR816 CSX/X and CC121 updates, also extending connectivity with Yamaha’s MOTIF XS. Project Tagging has been introduced to the MediaBay, the rating functionality has been extended to all preset browser windows and many other, smaller functional enhancements are also included.

All three updates are available now as a free download for all registered customers of the respective products.

More information: Steinberg

Rough Diamond Productions updates whiteLABEL stWIP to v1.1

Rough Diamond Productions whiteLABEL stWIP

Rough Diamond Productions has released version 1.1 of whiteLABEL stWIP, a stereo or surround channel strip plug-in for Windows.

stWIP can be used pretty much anywhere you need compression, gating, distortion, EQ or limiting. Each Filter and EQ band delivers upto 30 decibels of cut or gain and the 10 cross mixed dynamics modes range from light compression to heavy companding. To top it off, the distortion unit can further boost ( and / or destroy ) your signal and a hard-limiter on the outputs keeps things under control.

Changes in stWIP v1.1

  • +10 dB input boost switch.
  • Output hard-limiter.
  • Per channel mutes.
  • Auto-sensing VU meters.
  • Improved polyphonic design.
  • Improved waveform display with user defined update rate.
  • CPU-saving auto-sleep implimentation.

stWIP for Windows PC (VST) is available for purchase for £15 GBP. A 6-channel surround sound version stWIP XL is available for £40 GBP. A fully functional free demo version (limited features) can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: whiteLABEL

Minnetonka Audio Software releases SurCode For Dolby Pro Logic II v2.3

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Minnetonka Audio Software SurCode For Dolby Pro Logic II

Minnetonka Audio Software has announced the release of SurCode For Dolby Pro Logic II v2.3, a cross platform encoder and decoder plug-in suite.

Unlike other “compatible” Pro Logic II products, SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II is a fully licensed and certified application suite for both encoding and decoding. With an all-in-one installer, users can choose when and how to use SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II, giving you powerful multi-platform deployment at no additional charge. For example, the very same license of SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II on Pro Tools will authorize both the standalone product, on Mac and Windows, along with instances on any VST host.

SurCode For Dolby Pro Logic II features

  • Fully certified and licensed encoder and decoder by Dolby Laboratories, Inc..
  • Encode surround (5.1) mixes into stereo files.
  • Surround sound encoded output is completely backwards compatible with non–decoded stereo playback.
  • Supports Mac or Win standalone, VST, Pro Tools flavors.
  • Activation: PACE ilok (not included), one license per instance.

SurCode For Dolby Pro Logic II is available for purchase for $795 USD.

For a limited time, existing VST based or standalone customers can upgrade at a reduce price of only $99. Customer who purchased after May 1st, 2009 or existing SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II RTAS users, may upgrade at no additional charge via the web at This upgrade offer will expire August 15th, 2009.

More information: Minnetonka Audio Software

Waves releases UM225 / UM226

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Waves UM225 / UM226

Waves has released UM225 / UM226, two new stereo-to-surround processors, which bring Waves quality to the new surround soundscape.

Using patented center and rear channel extraction processes, together with a unique LFE channel enrichment process, the UM225 for 5.0 and the UM226 for 5.1 deliver improved surround imaging, for a wider soundscape with better separation.

UM225 / UM226 features

  • Profile modes for music and movies.
  • Enhanced clarity and separation of frontal center.
  • LFE channel LoAir enrichment with cutoff-frequency control.
  • Adjustable rear channel ambience and delay.
  • Intuitive surround graph.

UM225 / UM226 is available in Native ($300 USD) and TDM ($600 USD) versions. Users of Mercury and 360° Surround Tools covered by Waves Update Plan get the plug-ins at no additional charge.

Visit Waves for more information.

Eiosis releases AirEQ 5.1 Native

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Eiosis AirEQ 5.1 Native

Eiosis has released AirEQ 5.1 Native, an equalizer effect plug-in for Mac.

Equalizing your tracks becomes really musical and intuitive with AirEQ. Its transparent and precise sound, its exceptional high quality processing and innovative ergonomics will make AirEQ your everyday equalizer for tracking, mixing and mastering.

AirEQ 5.1 Native key features

  • Multichannel 5.1 plugin.
  • Analog matched curves.
  • L/R and M/S modes.
  • Variable Q-Gain adaptation.

AirEQ 5.1 is available to purchase for €200 EUR for the Native version, or €400 EUR for the TDM version. The original AirEQ plug-in is now available for a reduced price of €180 EUR.

Visit Eiosis for more information.

SurroundBar50: Surround Sound from one speaker

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Polk Audio‘s latest HE audio system, the SurroundBar50, is 51 inches of speaker that gives you surround sound from just one speaker. The aluminum-covered unit contains nine mid/bass drivers with Neodymium magnets, three dome tweeters and a four-PC board crossover, and Polk’s Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) technology on the left and right front channels.

Polk Audio SurroundBar50

Shane McGlaun writes:

There are a lot of people out there who want to own a home theater system but don’t want to have to run wires all around their rooms. Polk Audio has introduced a new SurroundBar model to their line up that packs Polk’s patented SDA tech inside to simulate real surround sound from one single speaker

Measuring 51 x 4.5 x 5.1 inches, the SurroundBar50 comes with a bracket which you hang either above or below your TV, and will cost $1099.95 when it is released in October.

Link via Gizmodo

Sony releases Sound Forge 9 Professional Digital Audio Production Suite

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Sony Sound Forge 9

Sony Creative Software has released the upgrade to their Sound Forge® professional digital audio editing application to version 9 (press release here).

New in Sound Forge 9

  • Multichannel file editing and processing, Multichannel audio recording
  • Drag-and-drop editing between channels
  • Hardware meters with output gain control, Phase and mono-compatibility meters
  • New wet/dry mix and crossfade options for effects
  • Channel Converter tool for multichannel files
  • Multichannel capable Spectrum Analysis
  • Enhanced user interface and color customization
  • Multichannel Windows® Media File support, 5.1 Dolby® Digital AC-3 export (Studio plug-in)
  • Gracenote® MusicID™ technology
  • Includes Noise Reduction 2.0 and Mastering Effects Bundle powered by iZotope™
Sound Forge 9 Multichannel audio recording

The Multichannel audio recording looks like a great feature. From the Sony info page:

With Sound Forge 9 software, you can record multichannel audio when using multichannel sound card devices. Each audio stream can be set to a particular channel, and be edited in the Sound Forge interface just like a stereo file.

Check the Sound Forge product page for more information and a link to download a Trial version.

Also, the Spring 2007 catalog is out. You can sign up here to get it.