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Eiosis releases AirEQ 5.1 Native

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Eiosis AirEQ 5.1 Native

Eiosis has released AirEQ 5.1 Native, an equalizer effect plug-in for Mac.

Equalizing your tracks becomes really musical and intuitive with AirEQ. Its transparent and precise sound, its exceptional high quality processing and innovative ergonomics will make AirEQ your everyday equalizer for tracking, mixing and mastering.

AirEQ 5.1 Native key features

  • Multichannel 5.1 plugin.
  • Analog matched curves.
  • L/R and M/S modes.
  • Variable Q-Gain adaptation.

AirEQ 5.1 is available to purchase for €200 EUR for the Native version, or €400 EUR for the TDM version. The original AirEQ plug-in is now available for a reduced price of €180 EUR.

Visit Eiosis for more information.


SurroundBar50: Surround Sound from one speaker

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Polk Audio‘s latest HE audio system, the SurroundBar50, is 51 inches of speaker that gives you surround sound from just one speaker. The aluminum-covered unit contains nine mid/bass drivers with Neodymium magnets, three dome tweeters and a four-PC board crossover, and Polk’s Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) technology on the left and right front channels.

Polk Audio SurroundBar50

Shane McGlaun writes:

There are a lot of people out there who want to own a home theater system but don’t want to have to run wires all around their rooms. Polk Audio has introduced a new SurroundBar model to their line up that packs Polk’s patented SDA tech inside to simulate real surround sound from one single speaker

Measuring 51 x 4.5 x 5.1 inches, the SurroundBar50 comes with a bracket which you hang either above or below your TV, and will cost $1099.95 when it is released in October.

Link via Gizmodo


Sony releases Sound Forge 9 Professional Digital Audio Production Suite

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Sony Sound Forge 9

Sony Creative Software has released the upgrade to their Sound Forge® professional digital audio editing application to version 9 (press release here).

New in Sound Forge 9

  • Multichannel file editing and processing, Multichannel audio recording
  • Drag-and-drop editing between channels
  • Hardware meters with output gain control, Phase and mono-compatibility meters
  • New wet/dry mix and crossfade options for effects
  • Channel Converter tool for multichannel files
  • Multichannel capable Spectrum Analysis
  • Enhanced user interface and color customization
  • Multichannel Windows® Media File support, 5.1 Dolby® Digital AC-3 export (Studio plug-in)
  • Gracenote® MusicID™ technology
  • Includes Noise Reduction 2.0 and Mastering Effects Bundle powered by iZotope™
Sound Forge 9 Multichannel audio recording

The Multichannel audio recording looks like a great feature. From the Sony info page:

With Sound Forge 9 software, you can record multichannel audio when using multichannel sound card devices. Each audio stream can be set to a particular channel, and be edited in the Sound Forge interface just like a stereo file.

Check the Sound Forge product page for more information and a link to download a Trial version.

Also, the Spring 2007 catalog is out. You can sign up here to get it.


Tasty Mousakas updates DH Wrapper to v1.1

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Tasty Mousakas has updated DH Wrapper VST to version 1.1.
DH Wrapper is a freeware VST plug-in that processes 5.1 surround sound content and outputs 2 channel binaural signals.

New in v1.1

  • Fixed problem where the front left and front right channels were silent in some host applications, such as Nuendo and Cubase

DH Wrapper VST for Windows (no support for 64-bit platforms or 64-bit processing) can be downloaded from Tasty Mousakas‘ website.


Tasty Mousakas DH Wrapper VST (Dolby Headphones)

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Tasty Mousakas has released DH Wrapper VST, a freeware VST plug-in that processes 5.1 surround sound content and outputs 2 channel binaural signals.

The result is surround sound through headphones. “DH” stands for “Dolby Headphones” as this VST plug-in wraps the functionality of the “DOLBYHPH.DLL” file installed with software DVD players.

DH Wrapper VST is simular to Chungalin’s Dolby Headphone wrapper DSP plug-in for Foobar 2000.

Check Dolby Technologies for information about Dolby Headphones and how this acoustic illusion is created.


  • 6 inputs and 2 outputs
    The inputs correspond to Front Left, Front Right, Centre, LFE, Surround Left, and Surround Right, while the outputs are Headphone Left, and Headphone Right.
  • Sample rates: 48000, 44100, 32000, 22050, 16000, 11025, and 8000 samples per second
  • Room Types: Small, Live, and Movie Theater
    These adjust the size and characteristics of the virtual listening room used for processing

DH Wrapper VST for Windows (no support for 64-bit platforms or 64-bit processing) can be downloaded from Tasty Mousakas‘ website.


Steve Thomson releases V.I Stereo to 5.1 converter

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V.I Stereo to 5.1 Converter VST Plugin Suite

Steve Thomson has released V.I Stereo to 5.1 converter VST Plugin Suite.

V.I is a free VST plugin for designed to convert a stereo input to a 5.1 audio output.


  • Width correction helps compensate for source files that were mixed too narrow or too wide
  • Independent controls for adding ambience to the front or rear soundstage
  • Pass-through of original left and right signals ensures accurate reproduction of original stereo imaging (when not in Movie Mode)
  • Companion fLfR, CLFE, and sLsR VST plugins duplicate V.I’s effects in channel pairs for VST hosts that do not support multichannel plugins such as V.I
  • Movie Mode switch redirects some dialog frequencies from front left and right channels to the center channel to enhance dialog while still maintaining a good stereo soundstage
  • On/off control for A-B monitoring of effect
  • Switchable LFE channel

Visit Steve Thomson’s website for more information and links to download installer or zip file of V.I Stereo to 5.1 converter VST Plugin Suite version 1.1.