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9 Soundware releases 1.316 Seconds channel strip settings for Sculpture

Titled after the Guinness World Record for the shortest song ever recorded (“You Suffer” by Napalm Death), 1.316 Seconds by 9 Soundware is a collection of Sculpture-based Channel Strip setting files for Apple Logic Pro inspired by extreme music.

9Soundware 1.316 Seconds

Combining the string/exciter paradigm of Sculpture with the signal-contorting resources of Logic Pro, the sound set is composed of simulations and abstractions of instrumentation associated with stupendously aggressive, challenging works.

1.316 Seconds is composed of 5 categories, “Down-tuned Guitar”, “Down-tuned Bass”, “Blast Beat”, “Death Growl”, and “Microsong”, each of which consists of 10 Channel Strip settings. Featuring .cst files designed to simulate machine gun-like mechanical riffs, as well as sustained chords, central to the sound set is “Down-tuned Guitar”. When sequenced with consecutive fifths and parallel octaves, using palm mute and sustaining sounds in conjunction, these Channel Strip settings allow for mockups of simple phrases. “Down-tuned Bass” is based on the timbres of grotesquely distorted, droning bass guitars. Similarly, parallel octaves allow for the balance between tonality and cacophony when using these .cst files. The “Blast Beat” Channel Strip settings are abstractions of the blistering noise associated with the drumming technique. While the sound design behind this category is largely conceptual (; not emblematic of drum kits), snare drums can be modeled by layering multiple Channel Strip settings (in particular Blast Beat 08.cst and Down-tuned Bass 09.cst). Comparably nonfigurative, the “Death Growl” noise instruments impressionistically portray guttural vocals. These .cst files are designed for performance in tandem with the modulation wheel. Finally, the “Microsong” Channel Strip settings produce bursts of rhythmic and randomly shifting timbres driven by LFO modulation.

1.316 Seconds is available to purchase for $14.99 USD.

More information: 9 Soundware / 1.316 Seconds


10 Soundware releases Mixer Feedback model Y EM-90A K for Kontakt

10 Soundware, a new extensional sound design imprint of 9 Soundware, has launched with the release of Mixer Feedback model Y EM-90A K, a soundset for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

10 Soundware Mixer Feedback

Designed by Taichi Furudate, these patches are based on audio captured from a no-input mixer, an instrument contrived by connecting the output of an audio mixer with its input to incite feedback. The first in a series of four titles, each centered on a different mixer, this release features an extremely rare, antiquated (presumably dating back to the early 1970’s), and idiosyncratic model by a Japanese manufacturer.

As a member of a duo, Shimettainu, whose instrumentation consists solely of no-input mixers (even signal processors are not used in their performances), Taichi Furudate’s prowess in the art of mixer feedback is extreme. Repurposing audio mixers as oscillators and tweaking onboard settings, he induces gradational shifts between timbres such as squealing, serrated noise akin to low pitched sawtooth waves, and many others, ranging from euphonic to discordant, sonorous to shrill. More radical forms of interaction with his sounds involve methods such as tampering with cables and on/off switches.

The timbres generated by the mixer used in Mixer Feedback model Y EM-90A K can be described as “like a vintage analog synthesizer”, according to Taichi Furudate. He also characterizes the feedback as “uncontrollable”. Perhaps the most peculiar in the design behind this particular model is the onboard drum machine (patches based on its loops, along with their corresponding Standard MIDI Files, included). Also present is a spring reverb, which can be excited by beating the large, heavy mixer. Despite its limited usability as a conventional mixing device, apparent with the absence of pan pots (separate switches for the left and right outputs provide the only means of panning), the by-product of its very limitations is its suitability as a no-input mixer, allowing for performance techniques not possible with other models.

The sound design executed in Kontakt 5 transposes mixer feedback to the realm of synthesis. The sampler’s formidable tapestry of DSP tools were savvily exploited to contort the captured audio to synthesizer paradigms (tuned patches based on seamlessly looped tones and drum kit presets) and into noise instruments, yielding patches ranging from stunningly simple to stupendously intricate. As a universal feature within the sound set, MIDI cc#1 was programmed to trigger vivid timbral transformations.

The 87.2 MB download includes 50 .nki files, 201 WAV files (24-bit/44.1 kHz), and 8 .mid files.

The sound library is available to purchase for $49.99 USD.

More information: 10 Soundware


9 Soundware releases Drum Key version 2 Ultrabeat Presets

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9 Soundware has announced the release of Drum Key, a collection of presets for the Ultrabeat drum synthesizer within Apple Logic Pro.

Drawing entirely on the synthesis component of Ultrabeat (incorporating no audio samples), the sound set is designed to repurpose the plug-in as a generator of abstract timbres, while remaining true to its rhythmic spirit. The naturalistically dynamic patches exploit elements such as noise LFOs and velocity modulation to evoke human gestures and randomness. This release is version 2 of an existing product. All registered owners of the previous version will receive free updates.

9 Soundware Drum Key

Each of the 20 patches of Drum Key are based on a single timbre (“Timbre 0”) which harnesses the technical resources of Ultrabeat without the bias of drum kit paradigms. All 20 patches contain 25 component patches which mirror identical derivational variation concepts and key maps. Echoing the General MIDI Percussion Key Map, variations of Timbre 0 are shaped and arranged accordingly between C1 and C#2 (drum voices 1-16) to its aural or conceptual attributes, allowing simplified reorientation of drum kit sequences. Drum voices 17 (E2) and higher house transpositions of Timbre 0 to sonic expressions of their respective names. In summary, the Ultrabeat architecture, consisting of 25 modules per plug-in instance, allows for 500 discrete timbres in the 20 patches which form the sound set.

Drum Key is not a conventional percussion sound set. While it includes some patches that are intended to mimic drum timbres (notably kicks, snares, and hi-hats), the focus of Drum Key is the exploration of the synthesis capabilities of Ultrabeat beyond applications for which it was designed. Examples include settings which produce bursts of complex rhythms through the use of multiple tempo locked LFOs (Note: All patches were programmed at 120 BPM, and therefore use in some tempo ranges may yield unintended results due to the release time of the amp envelope.), morphing timbres based on the heavy modulation of parameters in the FM synthesis engine, patches which incorporate randomization through non key-synced noise LFOs, and sustaining textures suited for use as backdrops. Atypical loudness is a quality present throughout Drum Key. Many of its patches will cause the Channel Strip meter to be pegged to 0dB, as the sound set was designed with headroom clipping taken into account to maximize loudness, and in some cases for the deliberate use of digital distortion effects.

Drum Key version 2 is available to purchase for $29.99 USD.

More information: 9 Soundware / Drum Key


9 Soundware releases I/O Effects Recipes for Logic Pro

9 Soundware has announced the release of I/O, a downloadable kit of Channel Strip setting files and instructions in a PDF document for repurposing Apple Logic Pro as performance-oriented effects processors, using MIDI hardware.

The effects recipes are designed for use with an expression pedal, a sustain pedal, and the pitch wheel. Breaking the mold of conventional patch products, the included documentation guides the user through the necessary setup to configure uniquely interactive signal processors within Logic Pro.

9 Soundware I/O

At the heart of the sound design behind I/O is atypical signal routing, glitches, and extreme settings. Consequently, the sound set features, among others, less prominent Apple plug-ins such as AURogerBeep, AUDistortion, Test Oscillator, SilverVerb, and AVerb. True to the 9 Soundware mantra “It’s not what you use, but how you use it.”, the kit was designed to be a cost-effective tool for adventurous music composition and performance using Logic.

The 17 controller assignments for 12 Logic Pro plug-ins highlighted in the documentation are designed to work in tandem, as a portion of the sound set involves simultaneous control across multiple plug-ins. While intended to be configured with “optional” devices, I/O is theoretically built around 3 types of controls – continuous (e.g., knobs), ”non latching” on/off (e.g., keys), and center detented (e.g., pitch wheel) – which are commonly found in MIDI keyboard controllers, and therefore one can be used in substitution.

The sound set is composed of 8 categories: “Pitch Shifter”, “Wah-wah Pedal”, “Envelope Follower”, “Downsampling”, “Delay”, “Reverb”, “Fuzz”, and “Signal Generator”. Each category consists of 5 recipes, with the exception of “Pitch Shifter” and “Wah-wah Pedal”, both of which comprise of 10, for a total of 50 Channel Strip settings and corresponding controller assignments.

I/O is available to purchase for $14.99 USD.

More information: 9 Soundware / I/O


9 Soundware releases Drum Tree for ES2 and EXS24

9 Soundware Drum Tree

9 Soundware has announced the release of Drum Tree, a collection of presets and instruments for Apple Logic Pro inspired by drums.

The concept behind the sound set was to adapt electronic drum timbres, commonly handled as static snapshots in the form of samples, to the keyboard paradigm and reactive qualities of synthesis.

In addition to acting as source presets for resampling, these patches allow for heightened flexibility in sequencing dynamic rhythms and interactivity in performance contexts.

Featuring three main components, the multi-format product includes files for the ES2 synthesizer and EXS24 sampler, as well as Channel Strips.

Drum Tree features

  • 100 ES2 presets, categories include “Bass Drum”, “Snare Drum”, “Hi-Hat”, “Tom”, “Crash Cymbal”, “Ride Cymbal”. “Side Stick”, and “Hand Clap”.
  • 20 EXS24 instruments based on 150 samples.
  • 10 Channel Strip settings which alter dynamics. They consist of compressor-based plug-in chains which heighten loudness and punch, those which tighten the decay portion of audio using the Expander plug-in, those with high compression ratios to increase perceived sustain, as well as those which compress reverb.

Drum Tree is available to purchase for $39.99 USD. ES2 and EXS24 parts are available separately for $24.99 USD and $14.99 USD respectively.

More information: 9 Soundware / Drum Tree


9 Soundware releases Orchestral Disorder presets for Sculpture and ES2

9 Soundware has released Orchestral Disorder, a collection of presets for Apple Logic Pro inspired by orchestras.

9 Soundware Orchestral Disorder

The concept behind the sound set was not to closely emulate acoustic instruments, but rather to explore the possibilities of orchestral timbres without human limitations or purist biases. Featuring three main components, the multi-format product includes files for the Sculpture and ES2 synthesizers, as well as Channel Strips.

Orchestral Disorder features

  • Sculpture presets – With an extremely vast range of timbres and performance interactivity, the Sculpture component of the sound set was designed with the goal of exploring the possibilities of the instrument beyond the type of unique sounds that it is adept at producing. Extensive use of String and Object parameter modulation, Morph, and Jitter, to name a few, are all incorporated in creating impressionistic renderings of orchestral tones crossed with elements that are chaotic, unnatural, and jarring.
    The Sculpture component of the sound set comprises of 100 files. Categories include “Violin”, “Cello”, “Double Bass”, “Timpani”, and “Noise”, each of which consists of 20 files. The string instrument categories are further divided into subcategories “Arco” and “Pizzicato”.
  • ES2 presets – In contrast to the idiosyncratically organic character of Sculpture, the ES2 presets of Orchestral Disorder harness the precision and flexibility of the instrument. In shaping these sounds, elements such as Digiwaves, noise LFOs, and random value modulation sources were manipulated to simultaneously simulate the naturalistic attributes of instruments and contort familiar timbres to abstraction.
    The ES2 component of the sound set comprises of 50 files. Categories include “Choir”, “Organ”, “Theremin”, and “Turntable”, each of which consists of 10 files, with the exception to “Choir”, which contains 20 files. The “Choir” category is further divided into subcategories “Female” and “Male”.
    The “Turntable” files are noise instruments inspired by scratching. These presets echo sonic and interactive attributes of vinyl scratching with the advantages of MIDI control.
  • Channel Strip settings – Included in the form of Channel Strip settings are 25 ambiences and textural modifiers built from Logic Pro plug-ins, which were designed to extend the sonic range of the Sculpture and ES2 presets of Orchestral Disorder. These files employ extreme settings and atypical routing of effects to radically alter the source audio. The Channel Strip component is made up of two categories, “Ambience” and “Distortion”. The “Ambience” category is further divided into subcategories “Non-rhythmic” and “Rhythmic”, both of which consist of 10 files. The “Distortion” category contains 5 files.

Orchestral Disorder is a modular product. In addition to the full version of the product which includes all three components, the Sculpture and ES2 components are available as partial downloads. The Channel Strip files are exclusive to the complete edition. The 2 MB download includes 150 .pst files and 25 .cst files.

Orchestral Disorder is available to purchase for $39.99 USD, the partial downloads for the Sculpture and ES2 components are $24.99 USD and $14.99 USD respectively.

More information: 9 Soundware / Orchestral Disorder


9 Soundware releases Chimera R, Redrum Patches

9 Soundware Chimera R

9 Soundware has announced the release of Chimera R, a set of patches for the Redrum drum sampler within Propellerhead Reason.

The theme of the sound set is hybridism. Its origins are in five previously released 9 Soundware titles. The drum kits are based on samples from the Heartbeat and Concussion EXS24 sound sets, as well as patches from the Fire Juggler, Vortex, and Ax releases for the Thor, Malström, and Subtractor synthesizers, respectively.

Chimera R features

  • 50 Redrum kits of Chimera R are based on 309 samples. Included are 293 samples from the Heartbeat and Concussion sound sets that have not been mapped in these patches.
  • 50 Redrum patches divided into four categories:
    • Human Heartbeats (based on samples from Heartbeat) – Human/synthesis hybrid. The idea behind this category is the transformation of recordings of the human heart and other internal organs with signal processing.
    • Found Objects (based on samples from Concussion) – Found object collisions. This category is based on acoustic impact sounds created entirely with found objects.
    • Synthetic (based on resampled patches from Fire Juggler, Vortex, and Ax) – The Synthetic category consists of Redrum kits that feature resampled drum patches from the Fire Juggler, Vortex, and Ax sound sets (for Thor, Malström, and Subtractor, respectively). The sub categories of drum kit components emulated by the patches include Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat (Closed, Open, and Pedal), Tom, Crash Cymbal, Ride Cymbal, Side Stick, and Hand Clap.
    • Chimera – The Chimera Redrum kits combine samples from the Human Heartbeats, Found Objects, and Synthetic categories. These patches also feature sample playback manipulation. This category consists of 10 Redrum kits.
  • 87 MB download includes 50 .drp files, 602 WAV files (24-bit/44.1kHz), 40 .thor files, 30 .xwv files, and 30 .zyp files.

Chimera R is available to purchase as a download for $49.99 USD.

More information: 9 Soundware / Chimera R