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99Sounds releases The Warehouse free SFX pack

99Sounds has launched The Warehouse, a free collection of 116 sound effects and organic percussion sounds created by Richard Gould.

99Sounds The Warehouse

The Warehouse is a sample instrument containing a range of SFX elements recorded in a military storage facility in the United Kingdom. It includes wooden, metallic and glass elements. Many of the sounds were captured within the natural ambience of the facility. The sounds can easily be used as percussion elements as well as straight sound effects.

Creaking doors, rattling chains, spooky metallic echoes and glass scraping sounds are the sort of stuff you’ll find in The Warehouse. These samples can be used as scary sound effects, however most of them will also work very well as organic percussive sounds for layering on top of drum loops. My favorite part of the library are the samples of an electric lift, which almost beg to be used as foley robot sounds in a Transformers style movie.

The sample pack is available as a free download.

More information: 99Sounds / The Warehouse


99Sounds releases Rumore Cinematic Impacts by HAL9K

99Sounds has announced the release of Rumore Cinematic Impacts, a free collection of impact sound effects for modern film scoring and electronic music production, created by Alessandro Alcinesio aka HAL9K.

99Sounds Rumore Cinematic Impacts

This is the first release in what will most likely become a collection of Rumore sample libraries by HAL9K (by the way, rumore is the Italian word for noise).

The library contains 50 high quality cinematic impacts with long release tails, ranging from classic sonic booms to eerie horror noises and weird sound effects. Alessandro has done a fantastic job with Rumore Cinematic Impacts, managing to create an incredibly diverse sample collection while maintaining the same level of production quality with all included sounds.

The 185 MB download is available at no charge.

More information: 99Sounds / Rumore Cinematic Impacts


99Sounds releases The Weird Side Samples free pack

99Sounds has released The Weird Side Samples, a free collection of glitch samples, weird sound effects and abstract sonic textures by Johan Ekelove aka Introspectral.

99Sounds The Weird Side Samples

This is the first release in our new Artist Series product line, which will feature sample libraries created by talented sound designers from around the world.

This free sample library is made up of sounds from the album The Weird Side of the Mundane which has recently been published by Introspectral. You are strongly encouraged to visit the artist’s profile page linked in the article and take a listen to his music.

The author describes this sound collection as “a sonic exploration through hidden worlds afloat on a metaphysical plane”. I was blown away when Johan sent me a preview of these samples and I’m proud of the fact that this fantastic library is the first Artist Series release on 99Sounds.

The Weird Side Samples features

  • 182 audio samples, 284 MB content.
  • Categorized in 6 folders: Atmospheric, Vox, Textures, Movements, Percussive Elements, Tech.
  • All included samples are provided as 24-bit WAV files with 44.1 kHz sampling rate.

The sample pack is a free download from 99Sounds.

More information: 99Sounds / The Weird Side Samples


99Sounds releases Hands Make Sounds free sample pack

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99Sounds has launched Hands Make Sounds, a collection of hand claps and finger snaps.

99Sounds Hands Make Sounds

The sounds were recorded in six different indoor locations with the goal of capturing their natural reverb characteristics. The result is a detailed and diverse collection of natural sounding hand made percussion sounds.

The clap samples have been recorded in six different rooms, from a tiny toilet to a large empty hallway. Although you’re free to add your own reverb to these sounds of course, it’s sometimes nice to have percussion samples which already capture the natural reverb characteristics of different rooms.

But that’s not all! The library was created in collaboration with Cy Brazanthr, a music producer and sound designer who is also known under the artist name Girls With Depression. He has provided some unusually cool gang claps and processed finger snaps. Some of my favorite sounds in the library are his lovely lo-fi clap samples which have been recorded with a laptop microphone. They sound very digital, but in a nice crunchy way.

The snap samples are sorted into four different groups. The samples labeled snap-close have been recorded from close range, with almost zero reverb. The ones labeled snap-far have been recorded in my living room, from various distances.
Samples labeled snap-slow and snap-stacked are more digital sounding. Cy has done pitched down some of them, to achieve a crunchier sound.

Hands Make Sounds features

  • 158 audio samples in total.
  • Includes 96 hand clap samples, 62 finger snap samples.
  • 24-bit WAV format/44.1 kHz Stereo.
  • 19.9 MB size on disk.

The pack is a free download.

More information: 99Sounds / Hands Make Sounds


99Sounds releases free Rain And Thunder sample pack

99Sounds has announced the release of Rain And Thunder, a free sound library from the new indie sound design label started by Bedroom Producers Blog, featuring 64 high quality audio samples recorded during a spring storm on the streets of Belgrade.

99Sounds Rain And Thunder

This free sample collection contains all the sound effects you may need in order to evoke the atmosphere of a rainy day in a large city. You can hear the cars passing by on some of the recordings, tires splashing through puddles and people walking around in a hurry. The rest of the audio content was recorded in quieter parts of the city, far from the busy downtown. I’ve also recorded the beautiful sound of raindrops falling on an umbrella, it almost sounds like vinyl noise.

There are also around twenty recordings of distant thunder rumble. These can be mixed with clean recordings of rain, if you need background noise for a movie or an audio project. The coolest part of this sound library though are the samples of seven thunders which struck very close, even too close if you ask me. Those are the most valuable samples in the pack, because recording a storm from such close distance is indeed a very rare opportunity.

The sample pack is a free download at 99Sounds.

More information: 99Sounds / Rain And Thunder