A Tasty Pixel updates Loopy music app to v1.4

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A Tasty Pixel Loopy

A Tasty Pixel has released version 1.4 of its Loopy live-looping app that lets musicians and tinkerers alike rapidly build multi-layered musical pieces by recording or importing looped layers of sound.

A Tasty Pixel’s recording and loop-layering iPad and iPhone app Loopy today gets a significant update, bringing loop effects to the app’s already extensive feature set. The new effects, reverse and decay, introduce new possibilities for musical expression and have been the features most frequently requested by users.

“Loopy lets anyone with an iPad or iPhone create music in an exciting and novel way: By recording and looping layers of music,” said A Tasty Pixel founder and developer Michael Tyson. “Both Loopy’s hobbyist and professional users love it for the creativity boost it gives them, and I think they’ll love the things they can do with these new effects.”

Developed by the same developer that produced Audiobus, the revolutionary inter-app audio routing platform, Loopy already works with Audiobus’ large and growing community of apps, allowing users to record and loop instrument and synthesizer apps, or apply an extensive variety of live effects to recordings.

Other features in the new update include a number of new actions that can be toggled by MIDI controllers, several significant improvements to the recording workflow, and enhanced latency compensation.

Loopy for iPhone is available to purchase for $2.99 USD. Loopy HD for iPad is currently on sale for $3.99 USD (regular $7.99 USD).

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