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Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to v1.01

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Abeem Rack Performer

Abeem Live Technologies has updated its Rack Performer software to version 1.01, adding many work-flow improvements and some corrections.

Multi-monitor support has been improved by making all dialogs positions more consistent (as there was quite a bit of wasteful back and forth movement required) The main menu can now be assigned to any monitor by just placing the application window at the correct location before entering “Edit” mode. A few other edge-cases were also solved.

Mapping presets and scene snapshots to standard (7bit CC) MIDI controllers is now straight-forward with a 1:1 mapping by default. But it is also possible to span the controller to a smaller range of values by lowering the presets port upper bound, making the control less sensitive. This can be useful when any module has only a few presets in use during the performance.

To align precisely the latencies of external MIDI gears controlled by the application, a new control port has been added to the special module to delay all MIDI events by a fixed time (i.e. output offset) By default all MIDI output events are sent slightly before the audio, to give the controlled gear enough time to process the commands and generate sound. Depending on the current application audio latency and the controlled MIDI gear(s) latencie(s) as well as the routing scheme in place (OTB or internal loopback mix etc) it might be necessary to set the output offsets (per MIDI gear) to get the phasing right.

Changes in Rack Performer v1.01

  • Minor modifications:
    • External MIDI Gear: added a special “Out Offset” control port (allows to delay sent MIDI messages in order to align the application audio output with the gear one).
    • Presets port max bound is now exposed (allows to span controllers to a smaller range).
    • Presets (and Scene Snaphots) control ports now have a more intuitive 1:1 mapping with 7bit MIDI controllers.
    • Floating windows positions and visibilities are now saved and restored.
    • Improved multi-monitor workflow by having modal windows always appear on the monitor closest to the mouse.
    • Main menu in “Edit” mode is now displayed on the monitor on which the main application window (Patcher) is located.
    • Adding label modules to the patch no longer restarts the wave engine.
    • Improved PolyShaper module performance.
    • Individual ASIO channel names are now displayed in the “audio devices” config tab.
    • MIDI input is now enabled even when there are incorrect device mappings (ex: unplugged controllers).
    • New hidden option to select ClearType (default) or Standard fonts anti-aliasing method (note: application does not attempt to change the method if AA is already enabled).
    • To display properly, application now automatically enables fonts anti-aliasing when it is running (plus hidden config option to disable this behavior).
    • Added new ticker events filter option to show/hide keyboard scene snapshots change events.
    • To make technical support easier, VST plugins black-listing reasons are now saved in the DB and included in the logs.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The “Turbo Charger ASIO” wave engine (used in NIMO and MIMO configs) reported incorrect latencies.
    • Fixed support of VST plugins reporting a negative number of programs (ex: MrRay73).
    • Regression in manual GUI dispatching cinematic on multi-screen setups.
    • Corrected a few edge cases around multi-monitor support.
    • Although it had no consequence, it was possible to select unpowered or deleted modules into record and/or monitor groups.
    • VST effects with MIDI out capabilities had a “mute” control port instead of the expected “bypass” type.
    • Following a regression in previous version, PDC was not systemically applied the first time patch was powered on after loading.
    • An incorrect value could be displayed sometimes in the parameter info dialog after applying changes.
    • Some VST plugins did not get Control Focus when interacting with their GUI controls.
    • On some setups (possibly XP only, infrequent), the screen ticker could appear to be stuck.
    • Recalling scene snapshots with the keyboard mapper did not work properly in some cases.
    • Using some scan settings, duplicated VST plugins could be incorrectly black-listed.
    • Even with “automatic plugin black-listing” option disabled, VST scan should now properly resume and skip the bad plugins.
    • Corrected one possible edge case when using the “clear cache” function of the VST scanner.

Rack Performer is available for purchase for 139 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: Rack Performer


Abeem Live Technologies releases Rack Performer 1.0 modular host

Abeem Live Technologies Rack Performer

Abeem Live Technologies has announced the release of Rack Performer 1.0, a pro-audio software for live performance, sound design and real-time audio processing.

Rack Performer is a high-level modular environment hosting VST plugins and internal modules (over 100 and counting), with MIDI support, multi-channel audio I/O and internal processing, complete automatic patch-delay compensation, sample accurate sequencing, low jitter and latency.

As a platform dedicated to stage performance, Rack Performer helps the live musician at every step from the rehearsal to the concert.

Rack Performer features

  • High-level modular host.
  • Over 100 internal modules.
  • VST plugins support.
  • Scene Snapshots.
  • Virtual Screens.
  • Low jitter sample-accurate sequencing engine.
  • Multichannel audio processing.
  • Multichannel HD recording.
  • Dedicated audio monitoring.
  • Audio: up to to 32 inputs and up to 32 outputs, full-duplex.
  • MIDI: up to 128 inputs and up to 128 outputs + routing.
  • MIDI Clock / MTC / MMC / MSC external sync.

Rack Performer for Windows is available to purchase for 139 EUR (single user license).

More information: Live Factory / Rack Performer


Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to 0.99-beta2

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Abeem Rack Perfomer

Abeem Live Technologies has released version 0.99 beta 2 of its Rack Performer modular host for Windows.

This is the last version before 1.0 and it adds complete multi-channel audio recording support, as well as many usability improvements, mostly in the patching workflow and the audio monitor.

With the new any-point recording and record groups features it is possible to “plug” the audio recorder anywhere in the patch, and record simultaneously any number of sources and channels directly to the hard drive.

The audio recorder can be mapped to external controllers and with the follow-clock option and external synch on, the process can be fully remote-controlled and slaved to any external transport master device.

Several improvements have been made to the patcher, including the new “swap” and “disconnect” actions, as well as better multi-point patching and smoother overall operation when performing actions on multiple selections.

Amongst the notable additions, VST programs and banks (FXP/FXB) can now be imported and exported via the module context menu. The audio monitoring system has been improved too, and many reported bugs were fixed.

New in Rack Performer v0.99 beta 2

  • New Audio Recorder with associated floating window and global application control ports for external mapping (source/volume/enable/cut).
  • Any-point Recording allows to record audio from any patch location(s), pre or post processing level, and stream data to disk in real-time.
  • Monitor groups and associated groups management dialog (allow record source switching and complex source selections).
  • Follow-clock recorder option makes the audio recording start and stop with the master clock (sample accurate).
  • One file for all channels or one file per channel recording option.
  • Application can export audio to EBU RF64 file format (all bitdepths, including IEEE Float32).
  • Application can export audio to WAVE file format (all bitdepths, including IEEE Float32).
  • Audio recordings above 4GB in size are automatically converted to RF64 format.
  • Many minor modifications and bug fixes. See the changelog for details.

The new beta is available to download for Windows. The beta is fully functional, but document saving and audio recording are disabled in this demo version.

More information: Abeem / Rack Performer


Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to 0.99-beta

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Abeem Live Technologies has updated the Rack Performer modular host software to version 0.99-beta.

Abeem Rack Performer

This new version includes several important new features, mostly centered around MIDI and connectivity.

External instruments and effects can be controlled by adding instances of the new “External MIDI Gear” special module to the patch. This module acts as a bridge between the application and the external gear. It can be mapped and automated like any standard module, and appropriate MIDI messages are automatically sent to the controlled gear.

The new “MIDI output turbo mode” option greatly improves MIDI output events timing and reduces jitter by dedicating one CPU core to the task. This option works especially well when coupled with the “aggressive scheduler timing” advanced option. Both options are enabled by default when available on the host machine.

Incoming MIDI events can be filtered by type at three levels (per MIDI input device, per input channel or per module) and all modules can have MIDI effects applied to their inputs. The simple included effects allow to easily create keyboard splits, layers and merges.

MIDI can be freely routed between modules (interlinks) and plugins operating in pure MIDI mode (ex: VST sequencers) are now supported.

A lot of other improvements are also included.

Changes in Rack Performer v0.99-beta

  • New modules:
    • External MIDI Gear (special module to control external instruments and effects via MIDI output).
    • Dual-Stereo Clear-Path Master Module (2×2 in + 2×2 out + clock).
    • Octo-Channel Clear-Path Master Module (8/8 + clock).
    • 16-Channel Clear-Path Master Module (16/16 + clock).
    • 32-Channel Clear-Path Master Module (32/32 + clock).
  • New features:
    • MIDI Output is now fully functionnal (up to 8 devices for a maximum of 128 output channels).
    • MIDI Output turbo mode option (allocate one core to greatly improve MIDI output timing precision and reduce jitter).
    • MIDI input messages can be filtered per type at different levels (global, per device or per channel, and also per module).
    • MIDI effects can be applied individually to all modules that can receive MIDI.
    • Notes transpose MIDI effect (transpose all notes inside configured range).
    • Notes range MIDI effect (excludes all notes outside of configured range).
    • Message filter MIDI effect (filter incoming messages by type).
    • VST plugins with MIDI output can send MIDI to other modules (interlinks).
    • Pure MIDI processing VST plugins are now supported (ex: sequencers with no audio I/O).
  • Minor modifications:
    • Optimized patch live-updating (faster and less ressource intensive).
    • Refactored advanced thread affinities configuration (now 3 possible choices: OS managed, balanced and strict).
    • Optimized multi-core load balancing (in strict and balanced affinity modes).
    • Holding a modifier key (shift or control) when creating audio patch links allow to connect multiple pins at once.
    • All modules having name labels on their GUIs now properly update when the module is renamed.
    • Added support for two new keyboard physical layouts (US 104 variants).
    • Module and control context menus now display ticks when mappings are active.
    • Improved presets XML loading to allow better forward compatibility.
    • Improved MME and DirectSound polling wave engines performance.
    • Selecting a hard drive root directory as VST plugins path is now prevented.
    • New hidden option to remove all document save confirmation prompts (some of you hate those, use at your own risk).
    • Added some integrated help and instructions to the monitor groups management dialog.
    • Thread priorities configuration is now hidden deeper in the advanced config tab (new dialog).
    • Optimized VST plugins MIDI input (more efficient handling code).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed regression in Rapier DX and Trident DX (single) DirectSound wave engines.
    • A fix introduced in previous version led to a regression in the way VST GUIs dimensions are retrieved (some GUIs had wrong size in wrappers, ex: dblue Glitch).
    • SyncToPush and other events coming from the synch engine did not trigger clock location change flags.
    • Changing VST control rate in config without reloading document would crash.
    • Partially incorrect clock information was sent to VST plugins, leading to some sequence looping issues (ex: Superior Drummer).
    • Finally resolved the long lasting bug around MIDI input (falsely identified as a timing bug in previous release, now properly fixed).
    • Resolved a nasty bug leading to the “problem with the modules” error message.
    • Sometimes patch was not live-updated after using undo/redo history.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented disabling MIDI routings (driver-level thru-mode) after a config change with engine running.
    • Fixed some edge cases around presets management when operating on disabled or non-powered modules.
    • Too many VST plugins do not support a tempo value of zero, a tiny value is sent instead to avoid crashes.
    • Module popup context menu is no longer displayed for internal modules inside a PopUp Design GUI wrapper (led to bad things).
    • Fixed slight font display issue in two RMC modules as well as the RMC LFO.

The new beta is now available to download for Windows.

More information: Abeem Live Technologies / Rack Performer


Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to 0.98-beta2 (last public beta version)

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Abeem Rack Performer

Abeem Live Technologies has updated its Rack Performer modular host for Windows to version 0.98-beta2, its last public beta version.

This is the last opportunity to join the beta test program, as registrations will be closed soon, and the application transitioned to closed beta phase.

Several new features have been added in this release, including the Live Synopsis, Presets Links, Quick keyboard mapping and VST-Shell support (ex: Waves plugins)

Changes in Rack Performer to 0.98-beta2

  • The new “live synopsis” is a centralized interface to manage all document mappings easily.
  • New “mappings” module context menu entry displays the live synopsis for the selected module only.
  • Patcher operations are no longer disabled when patch is powered, but remain locked when perform mode is enabled.
  • Perform mode semantic has changed: it can be enabled or disabled independently of the main mode (patch or edit).
  • VST Shell plugins (ex: Waves) are now fully supported.
  • Presets links allow to link module preset numbers together such that changing any link member also changes the others.
  • Quick keyboard map allows to easily create control focus key mappings.
  • Implemented “free-wheeling” synchro config option (default: on).
  • In full slave mode with free-wheeling off, application stops and re-locate when timecode or clock signal stops (not requiring transport control commands).
  • In live synch mode with free-wheeling enabled, stoping and restarting the master makes the application properly re-lock synch.
  • Patcher copy, cut and paste operations are now functional.
  • Modules can now be renamed (new entry in patcher module context menu).
  • Many minor modifications and bug fixes, details here.

Rack Performer 0.98-beta2 is available to download at no cost (free registration required).

More information: Rack Performer


Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to v0.98 beta

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Abeem Live Technologies has updated its Rack Performer modular host for Windows to version 0.98-beta.

Rack Performer (routing matrix)

Do you own musical gear? Or do you play with other musicians? Then you need to be in perfect synchronization! With this new major release, you will get everything you ever dreamt of to stay in synch, and much more. Whatever the protocol and the connection scheme, Rack Performer can handle it!

With the Live Synch slave mode you can join any running master and not only get a perfect tempo/rate locking, which alone would lead to long term drift, but also a full phase-locking, meaning it will stay in tight synch relative to the moment you joined. You then coarsely adjust the downbeats using the Sync-to-Push control and fine-tune the phase using the V-Push or Rate skew controls, much like a DJ would do.

Of course the application can also operate in Full-slave mode where the transport position follows exactly the master, and in Hand synch mode using the existing transport bar controls (those controls are now mappable to any controller)

Five synch schemes are provided, from ultra-fast convergence with very tight tracking, to ultra-slow convergence with very stable tempo locking, you can select the best compromise for your musical style between fast reaction to tempo changes and minimal wow/flutter effect due to varirate.

Most standard protocols are supported: MIDI Timecode (MTC), MIDI Clock, Standard MIDI Control, MIDI Machine Control (MMC) and MIDI Show Control (MSC). This should cover most scenarios.

Amongst the other additions in this version, we also implemented complete timecode support (all rates supported, including HD ones, start offset) and we hope this will be useful to those working with film or video.

New in Rack Performer v0.98 beta

  • Classic full-slave synchronization mode, with sample-accurate start/stop, rate and phase locking.
  • Live synch mode, allow to join and synch to any running master on the fly, while retaining both rate and phase locking.
  • Master clock transport control can be received, when “transport input” is enabled, with selectable protocol and source.
  • 5 different synchronization schemes to offer a tradeoff between tracking accuracy and wow/flutter effect.
  • Clock input control using MIDI Timecode protocol (MTC).
  • Clock input control using MIDI Clock protocol.
  • Transport control input using standard MIDI protocol (Start / Stop / Continue / SongPositionPtr).
  • Transport input control using MIDI Machine Control protocol (Play / Stop / Locate / Reset).
  • Transport input control using MIDI Show Control protocol (Start / Stop / Set / Zero).
  • Transport input control using first MIDI note received (start only).
  • Transport input control using space key on local keyboard (Ctrl+space to restart).
  • Metronome with LED display GUI (useful for drummers) bar/beat/sub enable and volume controls.
  • Metronome internal MIDI mode (sends notes to any internal instrument to use as a metronome).
  • Module execution order can now be altered using the new Patch execution order dialog.
  • Master clock location can be displayed in timecode format on transport bar.
  • Tempo can be displayed in quarter notes per minute (QNPM), beats per minute (BPM) or compound beats per minute (CBPM).
  • Many improvements and bug fixes, details here.

The new beta is available to download at no cost (free registration required).

More information: Rack Performer


Abeem Live Technologies releases Rack Performer version 0.97-alpha

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Rack Performer

Abeem Live Technologies has updated Rack Performer, a modular host dedicated to stage performance, with a special emphasis on interface ergonomy and user interaction.

A long time has elapsed since the last release, but this new version marks a new milestone. With 51 new modules to play with, and even more in preparation, things are getting serious. And this is only the beginning…

As engine is becoming very stable we can now focus on the application content itself. There is no major new feature in this release, but instead we added a lot of modules, many improvements and some fixes.

We hope that the RoboControl LFO and the various RemoteControl, routing and switching modules will show you a glimpse of the kind of modular capacities Rack Performer has, while keeping the complexity at a minimum.

All these new modules are of course multi-channel compliant (the 4×1 matrix for instance, has up to 4 x 8-channels inputs etc)

Rack Performer is available to download for Windows PC.

More information: Rack Performer