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Abeem Live Technologies releases Rack Performer version 0.96-alpha

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Live Factory Rack Performer

Abeem Live Technologies has released version 0.96-alpha of Rack Performer, a modular host for Windows.

In this new version we mostly focused on the feedback we got, and the most important fixes revolve around VST support and VST scanner improvements. Application is now way more stable and usable.

We still managed to add new features and this time the Keyboard Mapper got pimped up and is now completely functional, including all submap types, new simplified mapping types (control focus vs action keys) and a brand new configuration dialog to select layout and numeric pad mode.

Module Control Focus has also been improved with the addition of Keyboard Control Focus, making it bi-directional: keyboard follows global module control focus, but keyboard can also change focused module or focused parameter.

Under the hood, there are new global control ports for Scene Snapshots, Virtual Screens and Audio Monitor, meaning all those parameters can be mapped (MIDI, keyboard..) like any other parameter in the patch.

Rack Performer 0.96-alpha for Windows is available to download for registered users (registration is free).

More information: Abeem Live Technologies

Abeem Live Technologies releases Rack Performer 0.95-alpha2

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Rack Performer

Abeem Live Technologies has released version 0.95-alpha2 of Rack Performer, a modular host dedicated to stage performance, with a special emphasis on interface ergonomy and user interaction.

Plug your guitar, your keyboard, your microphone, or even all at once, add any number of effects or instruments and connect them the way you like. You are ready to perform!

Rack Performer features

  • Modular host – High-level modular environment supporting VST/VSTi plug-ins, internal modules, multichannel audio and MIDI.
  • Virtual Screens – Full-screen interface without scrolling or overlapping windows, based on virtual screens concept.
  • Scene Snapshots – Original way to save and recall any instant of your performance in a flash.
  • GUI wrappers – Display module interfaces exactly the way you want and chose amongst a large number of GUI wrappers to build your perfect control surface.
  • Multi-chan audio processing – Multi-channel audio content authoring made easy. Most modules support multi-channel streams on their inputs and outputs.
  • Dedicated audio monitoring – Allocate dedicated audio output channels for audio monitoring, ideal to cue sounds on your headphones before playing them.

Rack Performer v095-alpha 2 for Windows is available as a free download.

Note: Rack Performer is a commercial product and will require a license at its final release. The alpha version works without any limitation excepted disabled HD recording.

More information: Live Factory / Rack Performer